World of Warcraft is 15 years old this year (I was 18 when it launched) and to celebrate, it has a a series of events planned. In what seems to be a first reveal, there's a new mount available on the in-game store: The alabaster griffin or bat. While they look fine, and I can appreciate they're designed to look like statues, what pisses people off so much is that Blizzard are - yet again - missing the point. This is WoW's 15th anniversary, why the hell are you trying to nickle and dime players with a mount that costs them almost $15.00?

What isn't clear in the promo on Twitter, is that players who purchase these mounts this way and also attach a 15th Anniversary Collector’s Edition to their World of Warcraft account by March 31, 2020, will receive a $25 credit to their Blizzard Balance.

It reeks of a cash grab, and that's something I really can't get behind. Were they original mount model, I could probably be swayed, but a reskin that likely took a developer a few hours to create? No thanks. 

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Last Updated: Aug 07, 2019

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