Zenimax devs have posted another round of answers to questions posed by The Elder Scrolls Online (TESO) community this week in their latest “Ask Us Anything” series. While the questions were likely collected prior to all the payment model details released last week, you won’t be getting anything new on that. But what you can expect are answers to a few other gameplay questions relating to magic, the UI, and how stealth functions in PvP.

How will using a stealth-based character be viable in Player vs. Player combat in ESO? In previous Elder Scrolls games, stealth was represented by an eye which displayed whether you were detected or not—your character wasn’t invisible. How am I supposed to sneak up on another player, who can easily spin their character’s view around, without being detected? – By Daniel Mccarty

If you are in stealth, you will be invisible to enemy players unless they detect you. It will take more than just a casual look in a stealthed player’s direction to uncover them. During a recent playtest, one of our developers was ambushed by a hidden enemy. It was a very effective tactic; the ambusher took advantage of the fact that his target wasn’t being cautious and using the Magelight ability, which would have thwarted the ambush.

Additionally, the AUA briefly delves into the player as emperor aspect of the game, filling a role in a group, playing as a magic-free character, and the importance of aiming.

I noticed in the QuakeCon video that a significant amount of seemingly precise aiming is required in combat.  My internet connection isn't the best in the world, and when playing multiplayer first-person games, enemies tend to jump around the screen a bit, resulting in few hits for me and the associated frustration.  How forgiving will the aiming in ESO be? – By Nick Lybarger

We try to be fairly forgiving in the amount you have to aim, but you definitely still have to aim. You’ll need to be aiming at or very close to the target when you attack or use an ability.

There are plenty of other questions answered, so head over and read it all for yourself.

Source: TESO Ask Us Anything

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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