RIFT Adds 2 New Warfront Modes, Compensates Icewatch & Akala Players

Trion sneaks in Domination mode for two of RIFT’s warfronts and gifts some love to players of the former Icewatch and Akala servers.

Earlier this week Trion slipped in a little update that added a new Domination game mode to RIFTÂ’s Karathan Ridge and Black Garden warfront PvP maps. If you donÂ’t know what that is by now just think capture point.

In addition to those two little modes, Trion also made a recent move to turn the EU Icewatch and Akala servers into Trial shards and prompting players to relocate to a new server. As a bit of compensation and apology, Trion is providing players from those servers with a few gifts. Players will receive a new title “of Icewatch” or “of Akala” based on their respective servers, an Icewatch or Akala Regalia Wardrobe set, and 1,000 Bonus Loyalty.

Sources: Patch Notes, Icewatch and Akala Gifts

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