Trion Details RIFT’s 2.4 Beyond Infinity Update

By Stacy Jones -

RIFT is headed to infinity and beyond with its next update. Putting aside the obvious Buzz Lightyear joke (you were all thinking it too), 2.4: Beyond Infinity brings new story and content to TrionÂ’s flagship MMORPG. With the DendromeÂ’s secrets revealed, InyrÂ’Kta, Hive Queen of the Architects, is preparing to unleash epic badness onto Telara. And guess who gets the job of stopping another global catastrophe in the first chapter of a new war with the elemental planes.

Along with your new epic task to save the world, 2.4 also adds two new raids, the Realm of the Twisted Fae dungeon, a new Chronicle, rank 90 PvP armor, weapons, and more. Read all about it on the 2.4: Beyond Infinity page.

Source: RIFT 2.4 Beyond Infinity Update

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