The Elder Scrolls Online Lore Reveals More About High King Emeric

It’s good to be the king. A new TESO lore entry reveals more about the Daggerfall Covenant leader, High King Emeric.

Do you enjoy reading all those little books that you find laying around while playing The Elder Scrolls games? If so, youÂ’ll love this weekÂ’s new lore entry for The Elder Scrolls Online (TESO), which tells the tale of the Daggerfall Covenant leader, a Breton merchant lord, skilled diplomat, and no stranger to the ways of ware - High King Emeric.

The latest entry in TESOÂ’s lore comes in the form of a lore book journal written by High King Emeric. You can read all about his exploits and find out why itÂ’s good to be the king here.

Ever since my accession to the throne of Wayrest in that momentous year of 2E 563, the question of who should become my queen consort was ever on my — and my advisors' — minds. King Ranser of Shornhelm had a goodly daughter, Princess Rayelle, and her hand was offered to me by my brother of Shornhelm both early and often. Indeed, my mind was almost made up to accept the Princess of Shornhelm when, on a visit to Sentinel, my eyes first beheld the Princess Maraya, daughter of King Fahara'jad. From that moment, I swore that Wayrest would have no queen but Maraya.

Source: Travails and Triumphs of a Monarch, By His Majesty King Emeric

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