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Blame it on Firiona Vie

The social media scene blew up today when SOE updated the EverQuest Next website with unlockable wallpapers. When I went to check it out, I not only discovered some cool artwork (Naggy is now gracing my desktop), but I found Ten Ton Hammer's own Reuben "Sardu" Waters lurking on the My EQ Story page.

If you haven't caught wind of My EQ Story (in which case, can I have the heavy rock you've been hiding under, because I'm sure if I combine that thing with a trebuchet it'll make a great siege weapon), it's basically SOE's walk down memory lane, which has served to tide over the masses desperately awaiting news of EQ Next. In Reuben's video, he waxes philosophical (or babbles, as he puts it) about his love of Necromancers in MMOs, which has now become a sort of obsession. (I get it. I'm Druid-obsessed, myself.) We don't often find Reuben in the spotlight. He's more the guy behind the scenes making sure his writers are prolific by encouraging them to write about things they love. He's also the guy trudging the weary walk of the tragically overworked at gaming events every year. So he may look a little tired here. Don't judge.

When it comes to this video, Rueben insists that Firiona Vie made him do it, and offers up this proof. Seems legit.

If you'd like to see other EQ stories, you can check them out, or even share your own, at the My EQ Story page on the official EverQuest Next website.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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