WildStar’s Jon Wiesman Discusses UI Add-On Tools

Carbine’s UI guru reveals more about the tools that will give players control to create WildStar UIs and add-ons easily.

Carbine Lead Engineer Jon "Bitwise" Wiesman has penned a new blog this week to reveal more about the tools that will be available to WildStar community developers to make designing UIs and add-ons easy. If youÂ’re one of the many creative members of the gaming community that enjoys making new UIs or add-ons for various games, youÂ’ll be getting a robust set of tools at launch with Houston, a fully-featured development tool that will allow players to create UI and add-ons with the Apollo UI engine. Community developers will also have access to Carbine-authored source code.

You can read WiesmanÂ’s full post for all the details and even get a peek at some early community work using the tools by the community member and beta tester known as PacketDancer.

Source: Bitwise and PacketDancer Talk WildStar Add-Ons

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