David Allen was the driving force behind Horizons, is the co-founder of QOL (Quest Online, LLC), and is on a mission to spread the word about his latest endeavor, Alganon. For every player that's complained about games not having enough depth of meaning, being forced to fulfill the same party role day after day, or wants a chance for their name to forever live on in a game's history, it's time to listen up. Eric "Dalmarus" Campbell sat down with David and Alganon Lead Designer, Hue Henry, to get the latest scoop on this ambitious new title.

Alganon is 100% original IP and that actually gave us a lot of wiggle room for what we could do. Our goal was to create a living, breathing world, to where if you chose one side or the other, there was a reason for it and there were connections. In Alganon, there are deities associated with the races, there are reasons behind your participation, there's history to it as far as where your race comes from, what your obligations are, who your enemies are. Alganon really was a lore-based game as a whole.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016