I like to call Fury an MMOFPSRPG. Try explaining that one to your mom.

It's easy to explain the upcoming MMOG hybrid, Fury. It's fast-paced, no holds barred action. You move fast, act fast, kill fast, and die fast. Also, you don't waste any time recovering health and mana or sitting around with resurrection penalties. You're back in the game fast. At PAX 2007, I got to sit down and get a quick and dirty introduction to Fury with a demo walkthrough and then a hands-on with an especially deadly and nasty build put together by Adam Carpenter himself.

My adrenaline is pumping and my hands are sweaty from killing the opposing lone guard with a particularly nasty and devastating combo attack. He never had a chance. I turn left-- no one. I turn right-- all clear. I grab the crystal and start charging back to my base, weighted down by the shimmering chunks of rock which have sprouted all over my body, the Fury equivalent of painting a giant red target on my back. Seemingly out of nowhere, three enemies leap at me! Fortunately, my backup is close by. She freezes them in place with a rooting attack and their ranged damage isn't quite powerful enough to take me down as I slide the fourth and final crystal into our base, winning the match!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016