The Lord of the Rings Online is poised to make the switch to free-to-play next month and a fresh infusion of content will also be making its way into the game with Volume III: Book 2. Over the last few weeks Turbine developers have posted a series of developer diaries detailing the scalable dungeons, raid changes, and the new Wardrobe System. This week Turbine offers up two new developer diaries detailing the changes to the Captain class and changes to the way the storage vaults function in the game.

With Volume III: Book 2 there are two main issues being addressed for the Captain. Standards are being changed as they have been deemed a bit too powerful. But it's not all balance adjustments for the Captain, traits are also getting a bit of rework along with new Herald skills and Armament changes.

Ok, now for some changes that we think will be much more exciting. The first thing that has changed is the membership of the Trait Sets. The two Herald traits, “Loyalty” and “Precise Ally,” are being switched from “Leader of Men” to “Lead the Charge.” “Adherent of Elendil” and “Intimidation” are moved into “Leader of Men” from “Lead the Charge.” This change will make “Leader of Men” traits all deal with skills and bonuses to the role the Captain plays in a fellowship, while the “Lead the Charge” traits will now all deal with the Captain’s role doing damage and fighting solo. To further emphasize these changes the Trait Set bonuses, as well as the Legendary Trait capstone for both of these Trait Sets, have been updated.

The developers will also be converting the Vault System, the game's in-game bank, to the same kind of system used for the shared bank slots. This also comes with some handy new featues for the vault such as the ability to sort items alphabetically, automatic stacking when you add items that already have a partial stack in the vault, and a new search feature to find those items that get lost in your collection of goods.

Each item in the vault has an item class associated with it. As we load in the items, we collect all these classes into a dropdown menu which allows you to then restrict your view to only items matching the particular class. For example, you can select “Legendary Item XP”, and immediately see all the IXP Runes stored in the vault, or select “Craft: Component”, and see all the crafting components. As part of the Volume 3 Book 2 update, we have reworked a lot of the item classes to make the names make more sense.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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