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Nicholas the Traveler is located at: Perdition Rock (Prophecies) collecting 2 Mahgo Claws.

Last week everything was dominated by E3, something that was not part of. However, we did find out some awesome things.

The first thing was about the languages used in Guild Wars 2 which seems really interesting. also talked about their thoughts on the World Cup.



This Week in Tyria

Community Spotlight

  • Traits!
    What is your talk about Traits? Come on the forums and have a chat about it.


Hail loyal soldiers of Ascalon! It is Prince Rurik here with this week's tip:

Henchmen listen to orders. Call out a target to have all of the henchmen and heroes focus on that target if they're capable of doing so. This is important because you always want to take healers out first.


Featured Content:

Excitement for ArenaNet’s upcoming Guild Wars 2 continues to build as more gameplay details are revealed. One such aspect of the game that’s been the hot topic of discussion among fans was the recent announcement of the Traits system. We had a few questions on how this system will function in the live game, and while rampant speculation is always fun sometimes it’s better to go directly to the source. That’s exactly what we did, and Guild Wars 2 Lead Designer Eric Flannum was awesome enough to take some time out of his busy schedule to provide us more details on traits as well as further insights into skill chains and the Warrior profession.

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An Introduction to Traits in Guild Wars 2

Creating interesting builds for our characters to utilize in combat is an integral piece of the much larger puzzle of character development in MMOGs. While many titles don’t stray too far from offering players a handful of predefined paths to choose from, developers ArenaNet have aims to take the concept of builds to a whole new level in Guild Wars 2. One of the many tools in their arsenal, traits, was revealed this week and could very well be the peanut butter to your skill bar’s jelly when it comes to build creation. Ten Ton Hammer offers up some insights as to what traits are all about in our Introduction to Traits in Guild Wars 2.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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