That's it. I'm officially out of Fury puns. Just go play it.

This week will mark the official release date of Fury, the fourth retail-based massively multiplayer online game of 2007, and it will be hitting store shelves all around the North American and Australian markets. In honor of the release, the Ten Ton Hammer editorial staff had Garrett Fuller write up a few questions for the developers of the game, and Michael Hampden and Adam Carpenter answered the call. Most of the questions revolved around the final results of the beta and how things have shaped up for the game. Enjoy!

Adam Carpenter: We're getting all sorts of reactions. Fury isn't an "easy" game and it doesn't follow the standard MMORPG mold that gamers have grown used to. That means we've probably had more trouble than many MMOGs who follow the well worn path without offering something new for gamers.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016