Arguably the greatest talk show host in history (with special tip of the hat to Johnny Carson), David Letterman completed his last show yesterday.   We will miss him, but he could live on... forever, in video games. 

Top 5 Possible David Letterman Video Games

1. Beep That Out

Based on the 1994 Interview with Madonna, this game would give the player a "five-second delay" button to push when guests were being interviewed.   Beeping out the profanity would keep the show on the air.  Letting it run would boost ratings.  It's a fine line that the player would need to walk... or press. 

2. Awkward Moments 

Based on the 2006 interview with Sasha Cohen (Borat), this game would entice the player to make David Letterman uncomfortable by answering questions in off the wall and odd ways. 

"My wife is dead.  High five!!!!  She was boring. " - Borat

3. Letterman Drive-Thru

In this game you play as Dave, and trick your guests into eating obnoxious things.   Based on the 2011 interview with Lady Gaga.

4. Guest Lineup

In this game the player must deal with celebrities and their idiosyncracies as the gamer tries to line up guests for the David Letterman show.    Based on the very first episode of Dave's show and an interview with Bill Murray. 

5. Top 10 List Challenge

Dave's Top 10 Lists were a staple of the show and in almost all cases, hilarious.   Players must not only come up with the topic, but also work with a team of A.I. writers (co-op mode coming) to build out the list.   Based on the first ever Letter Top 10 List. 

"Top ten words that almost rhyme with peas." - David Letterman

Gone, but never forgotten.  Mr. Letterman you were a joy to watch and you will be missed.  

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Last Updated: Mar 15, 2016

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