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Some gamers are multi-platform wizards, easily hopping from
their PCs to console games without a hitch. But some old school PC
gamers don't quite have the skills to keep up with the X, X, square,
R1, triangle, X crowd. Karen "Shayalyn" Hertzberg shares her dismay
over her epic failure to bond with her kids' shiny new Christmas gift,
a Playstation 3, in today's Loading... All Thumbs.

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Picture the scene. It's Christmas eve at the Hertzberg house. The hubby
and I are doing the obligatory messing-with-the-kids'-heads thing
regarding the one gift they absolutely want but have been convinced
there's no way in hell they're getting--a Playstation 3. My
son, 15, unwraps a controller. He looks at me expectantly and
says, "Um, was this supposed to be for my Xbox?"

"Yes," I say. "What? It's not the right kind?"

"No," he answers slowly, "This is for PS3." He's a sweet, sensitive
soul, so his expression is full of pity and verging on sorrowful. The
look says, Oh, my poor
poor mother; it must be awful to be so lame.

"Aw, crap," I say. "Geeze, I'm sorry. We can take it back to Walmart on
Saturday. I just thought you needed another wireless controller."

"It's all good, Mom," he says, laying his lame gift aside.

Then my daughter, who is 13 and a certified style="font-style: italic;">Devil May Cry
addict, opens her gift. "Devil May Cry!" she shouts as the wrapping
paper flies, "It's Devil May...oh. Guys, this is number 4. It's for PS3
only. It won't work on my PS2."

"Sooorrry," my husband says. "My bad. I thought they all worked on your
PS2." We go through the same speech about taking it back to Walmart for
a refund on Saturday.

Finally, after we've seemingly unwrapped all the gifts, my husband
pulls the equivelant of a Red Rider 200 shot Frontier Model air rifle
(with a compass in the stalk and a thing which tells time) out from a
hidden corner. He places the box between the kids and says, "This is
for the whole family. Why don't you guys go ahead and open it."

They tear the wrapping paper and the air fills with resounding squeals
of glee. My son clutches the box, stroking it and crooning, "My
precioussss!" in his best Gollum voice. The de-boxing ensues, and all
is right with the world.

All is right, that is, until the next morning, when those kids have
their revenge on me for my duplicity. They have invited me to play the
PS3, and placed a controller in my hands, despite my insistance that I
am not a console gamer. I mean, I beat style="font-style: italic;">Champions of Norrath,
and Champions of
Norrath: Return to Arms
, and I could pwn just about anyone
in Gauntlet,
but...I have a feeling console gaming has evolved since those hack n'
slash wonders crossed my TV screen. Since then, I've watched my kid
play his Xbox 360, and I know that I lack the manual dexterity he
possesses. I also remember, with some embarrassment, that I
was a dismal failure at Super
Mario Brothers
. way back in those heady Nintendo days.

Today, the kids are playing Ratchet
& Clank
. It looks...hard.

But I find myself goaded into running through the style="font-style: italic;">Ratchet & Clank
tutorial level regardless of my misgivings. At the beginning, it's kind
of okay, and although I'm decidedly clumsy, I'm at least not failing
miserably. But then the moves get a little more tricky. I have to do
things like time my jumps. I've already died a couple of times (in the style="font-style: italic;">tutorial, for the
love o' cheeses!) and finally I thrust the controller at my son and
say, "I can't. You do this part. I'm a noob."

"Mom," he says, with just a wee bit of condescension in his otherwise
gentle tone, "This is a game for 10-year-olds."

"Yeah," my daughter adds. "Lauren's brother Elliot beat it, and he's 7."

And with this, I learn one of life's most important lessons--it's not
nice to mess with your children's visions of sugar plums. Especially
if, like me, you spend your gaming life mapping hot keys and
downloading custom UIs and working out strategies for taking down the
UberBoss du Jour rather than hitting X, square, X, X, triangle, L1 in
perfect sync with the action on the screen before you.. I have been
humiliated, and I have been humbled. I may be able to type over 90
words per minute, and I may be able to coordinate my attacks in a PC
game with ease, but when it comes to console gaming I only wish I was
all thumbs like my kids. Instead, my thumbs just don't seem to work the
way they're supposed to.

But as soon as the holiday break ends, and these pesky kids are back in
school, my time will come. I will take controller in hand and I will
learn. I will not only succeed at Ratchet
& Clank
, but Little
Big Planet
, as well. And maybe I'll set style="font-style: italic;">Prince of Persia
before me as my goal.

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