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In an interview yesterday, Global Agenda Exec. Producer Todd Harris noted that one of the focuses (focii? focal points?) of alpha testing was making sure that the game was fun for level-cap players. This was the first time I've heard about such attention given to the endgame from so early in the testing process. Is designing backwards, rather than from the ground up, one of the keys to making an MMO that's fun to play at all levels? That's the topic of discussion today in Loading... Designing Backwards.

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Here's an exclusive for Loading... readers! Hi-Rez has graciously offered 10 Global Agenda beta keys to go along with our Preparing for Closed Beta - An Interview with Todd Harris posted today. Click the link and check the article for more instructions.

From the first time I saw Global Agenda, I liked it. First of all, it's the only persistent world shooter that isn't afraid to label itself an MMO, which to me is more than just semantics. They're targeting an MMO audience and a shooter audience, not just accommodating one and hoping to attract the other. For MMO players, by and large, that means more of a focus on PvE and co-op play. And that, plus character development and other MMO-y factors (like the player economy), is a big focus for closed beta one, according to our latest interview with Exec. Producer Todd Harris.

But it was what Todd said about alpha that really caught my ear. All alpha long, Hi-Rez has been testing out elder game characters to tweak the fun of combat at the highest levels. It's sort of like designing backwards - you know your endgame is fun because you focused on it first. Other games spend far too many iterations on the "new player experience" and not enough on the endgame. The stickiness of the newbie game is important, no doubt, but who wants to play through the low and mid-levels if the endgame isn't any fun? Even if you never reach endgame, it's what you're always working towards - the carrot on the stick. The MMO audience has matured far past the NPE marketing gimmicks, and I'm glad that developers like Hi-Rez are giving us some credit.

Note that I'm saying that Global Agenda is off to a good start. I won't be going out on a limb predicting a major success until I see how the campaign map - GA's grand strategy element - plays out, as well as how the co-op PvE missions and guild-level socialization progress. But Hi-Rez has made good decisions so far, and there's no reason to think they won't continue to do so.

Do you agree? Is designing backwards one key to a high quality MMO experience, or at least staving off that endgame disappointment that's been the undoing of more than one MMO? Share your thoughts in the Loading... forum, or as always feel free to email me.

Shayalyn's Epic Thread of the Day

From our Champions Online General Discussion Forum

Another micro-transaction game? WTF!!!!

Are MTs the wave of the future?

Like 'em or hate 'em, microtransactions in online games are a swiftly-developing trend. The latest game in development to announce impending MTs
is Champions Online. Although the statement from Cryptic made it clear
that most of the microtransactions would be aesthetic, and that
anything available through MTs that does have an affect on game play
will be something players can also earn in-game, Champions fans are,
for the most part, up in arms.

Are microtransactions in MMOGs
always going to be unwelcome in the Western world? Are there any games
you know of where MTs work well? Does the announcement that MTs will be
in Champions Online affect your interest in the game? Tell all!

Awesome Quotes from the Epic Thread

wouldn't say that the MMOG industry is destroying itself with
micro-transactions in addition to a monthly subscription. The
average MMOG monthly subscription fee has been $15 for the past five
years. $15 doesn't go as far today as it did back in 2004. However, in
order to remain competitive with World of Warcraft, MMOGs can't afford
to raise their monthly fee. So, they came up with an additional revenue

- CelestialLord


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