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As we begin to navigate our way through the final month of 2009, all
signs point to a new year in which the sci-fi genre could very well
reign supreme over the aging fantasy MMOG scene. Drawing
inspiration from our latest interviews for Global Agenda and Star Trek
Online, as well as a pair of exclusive new Star Wars: The Old Republic
articles that you definitely won’t want to miss, we turn our gaze
towards the stars today in Loading… New Frontiers.

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Loading... Daily

During a discussion I was having earlier this week with Medeor, one
our current Aion
writers, the topic of sci-fi MMOGs briefly
wiggled its
way into the conversation. Or, more specifically, we discussed how 2010
looks to be an exciting year for fans of the genre with a number of
compelling titles poised to blast their way onto a PC near you.

Given the choice between the two most prominent genres in MMOGs
(that is to say fantasy and sci-fi, though other genres have certainly
been making headway over the past few years), I’d opt for the
open-ended potential of the sci-fi genre any day of the week. In fact,
earlier this year that was my topic of choice for my href="http://www.tentonhammer.com/features/final-frontier">weekly
musings on
the industry. At the time though, it seemed that 2009 was set to be a
massive year for sci-fi, although many of the titles I was writing
about back in February and March have obviously slipped into next year
by this
point. Still, that only sets the stage for a 2010 that could rock some
major space socks off.

That’s not to say this year hasn’t had some awesome additions to the
genre. Just this week EVE
players were given their
second free
expansion for the year, Dominion, which I plan on diving into this
weekend. I was certainly impressed with the expanded content Apocrypha
brought to the game earlier this year, and by all accounts Dominion
seems to be pushing New Eden into even more interesting new directions.

Looking ahead, here’s a brief rundown of three of the other upcoming
sci-fi titles that may finally help pave the way for a much more
diverse MMOG market in 2010 and beyond:

  • Star
    Trek Online
    – With a firm release date now in place and the
    beta well underway, it seems that Star Trek Online is set to
    kick 2010
    off with a sci-fi bang. While it was certainly welcome news when
    Cryptic announced that ship bridges would be making it into the game at
    launch, perhaps even more compelling is the news that STO will include
    industry staple of customization through itemization. The studio has
    made a name for itself over the years via setting the bar for
    customization so high that we still haven’t seen another title even
    come close, though by and large that aspect of Cryptic’s games has
    remained firmly rooted in the cosmetic side of things.

    Our latest
    with the developer reveals that this won’t be the case
    STO, which will add a whole new layer of depth to the overall gameplay.
    Either way, this is one sci-fi title you should be sure to check out
    when it launches in February. Oh, and be sure to tell ‘em Captain Sardu
    sent you!

  • Global
    – Not content to simply break the fantasy
    developers Hi-Rez are going one step further with upcoming spy-fi title
    Global Agenda by creating an MMOG that’s as fast paced and
    addictive as
    any action game out there. During my brief time with the game earlier
    this year at PAX 2009, I found myself pleasantly surprised by both the
    intuitive combat mechanics as well as the general look and feel of
    game. With the closed beta well underway, we can hopefully expect to
    see GA released sometime early next year which is exciting news for
    those of you not only looking to dig into some awesome sci-fi action
    but perhaps also feel that the boring auto-attack combat of fantasy
    MMOGs is beginning to overstay its welcome.

    In the meantime, be sure to check out our latest Q&A with
    Producer Todd Harris which details the ins and outs of the href="http://www.tentonhammer.com/node/77458">Robotics
    class. As a long time fan of traditional “pet classes” I have to
    that the idea of having an entire arsenal of “fire and forget” style
    pets at my disposal is a refreshing new take on the concept.

  • Star Wars: The
    Old Republic
    – Rounding out the list we
    have one
    of the
    most hotly anticipated MMOGs currently in development, regardless of
    genre, in the form of BioWare’s Star Wars: The Old Republic.
    the pedigree of development teams involved and the blockbuster IP at
    the heart of the project it’s easy to understand why. While no specific
    release date has been confirmed as of yet, there’s been a fair amount
    of speculation that that particular galaxy may only be as far away as
    next fall. Should that be the case, both BioWare and sci-fi fans have a
    lot to be excited about once you factor in the release of Mass Effect 2
    which is due out at the end of January.

    With the recent
    of the final two classes in The Old
    Republic –
    the Jedi Consular and the Sith Inquisitor – it seems as though
    development is progressing well on the game. How well, you might ask?
    Today we’re pleased to bring you the one two punch of not only an href="http://www.tentonhammer.com/node/77575">exclusive interview
    with producer Jake Neri, but also some href="http://www.tentonhammer.com/node/77572">hands-on
    impressions from Medawky’s recent visit to LucasArts’ HQ in San
    Francisco. They’re both well worth the read, so be sure to check them

Do you count yourself among those MMO gamers who look forward to a
predominant sci-fi presence in the industry? Be sure to share your
thoughts right here in the Loading… forums!

Shayalyn's Epic Thread of
the Day

From our href="http://forums.tentonhammer.com/forumdisplay.php?f=546">SWTOR
General Discussion

style="font-weight: normal;">Release Date Speculation and Question

Since we've unveiled two great Star Wars: The Old Republic articles
today (a hands-on
first look
and an interview),
now seems the perfect time to feed our collective appetite for all
things SWTOR. So, why not feed off some rampant speculation? I've got href="http://forums.tentonhammer.com/showthread.php?t=46286">just the
And it runs the gamut from potential release time frames to
LucasArts/BioWare/EA to Jar Jar Binks. (I take no responsibility for
the Jar Jar discussion.)


Awesome Quotes from the
Epic Thread

"I haven't seen any Jar Jars in TOR

- AngryBeaver

"The fact that you put 'yet' in that
sentence disturbs me on many levels

- SirRobin


Have you spotted an Epic Thread on our forums? href="http://forums.tentonhammer.com/showthread.php?t=32559">Tell

4 new Ten Ton Hammer MMOG
features today! 127 in November! 3,099

New Exclusives and Guides today at Ten Ton

  • Star Wars:
    The Old Republic
    - Press Tour and Gameplay Preview

    LucasArts and BioWare have come to the rescue with a flood of new
    information about their eagerly anticipated upcoming release Star
    Wars:The Old Republic. Ten Ton Hammer was fortunate enough to be
    invited to a press tour that included exciting new information about
    the final two classes, a guided mini-tour of Lucas Arts HQ, interviews
    with games producers, and the biggest treat - a hands on play session
    of an early build of the game itself. Join us this week and we get face
    to screen with what looks to be the next great MMOG.

  • State of the
    Republic - A Q&A with Star Wars: The Old Republic Producer
    Jake Neri

    BioWare and LucasArts recently hosted a hands-on preview for members of
    the gaming press at the LucasArts HQ in San Francisco. Tucked into a
    pristine business complex in the historic Presidio, the surroundings
    were as visually appealing as the new game turned out to be, and
    provided the perfect backdrop for a conversation with game producer
    Jake Neri. Join Ten Ton Hammer as we share a beverage and conversation
    with Mr. Neri, under the shadow of the Golden Gate Bridge, and gain
    some insight into the development of SW:TOR, the relationship between
    the BioWare and LucasArts, and the vision for where the game will take

  • href="http://www.tentonhammer.com/aion/editorials/aionvisions">Breaking
    Down Aion Visions: A Closer Look at the Video Trailer

    The Visions trailer gave Aion fans a lot to think about and while the
    internet is lit up with all sorts of speculation, we think that there
    are major clues in the trailer that tell us what features we can hope
    to see soon and which ones are a little further off. Take a moment to
    review the trailer then speculate with us! Which of these hopeful
    updates do you think will make it in game and when?

  • New Concept Art
    from Perfect World Entertainment's Upcoming MMOG Kung Foo

    It's always exciting to get news of a new MMOG, but when that game
    claims to put the FU in FUN, you know it's going to be interesting.
    Recently, a Perfect World Entertainment (PWE) representative spoke with
    Ten Ton Hammer about a new project in the works called Kung Foo. This
    new game has no problem with poking fun at other online games and is
    hailed by some as the Monty Python of MMOGs. This week PWE sent us a
    few new pieces of concept art from the upcoming title and released a
    new teaser site for the game.

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    - Creating Your
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    Trek Online
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  4. Sins
    of the
    Spymaster #33 - Preparing for Dominion
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    Republic - A Q&A with Star Wars: The Old Republic Producer
    Jake Neri
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    with Cryptic
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    Down Aion Visions - A Closer Look at the Video Trailer

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