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The search for the ultimate MMOG has become almost crusade-like for
thousands of gamers. A lot of these gamers come from earlier times,
with fond memories of experiences that have happened a decade ago. The
real question becomes, is the search all for naught, or will there be a
happy ending? We explore the possibilities in Loading... The Search for
the Holy Grail.

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Last week, we asked our premium members to href="http://forums.tentonhammer.com/showthread.php?t=47582">share
some of their fondest MMO experiences. Submissions came in both through
the thread, and via email, and it also got the Ten Ton Hammer staff

Several of us on staff play many, if not most MMOGs that are released.
It's part of the job description, at least for the editor staff (our
community site staff is pretty dedicated to their game). We're not
alone, either. More and more, we see a very large segment of our
readers doing the same thing. I see it in my personal guild as well. We
don't stick with any one game for very long any more, and we're always
trying out the newest title, and seeing how it stacks up against the
rest. In fact, Medawky approached me the other day, and told me it was
funny to watch our guild forums. It's a very clear pattern of mention
game, curiosity posts, we start playing, flurry of posting, crafting
and grouping starts, and boom, everything stops, and we move on to the
next game. And, while my band of brothers and sisters do have some
games we will always love, and go back to frequently (namely EverQuest
2), Medawky isn't wrong. We do hop games a lot, and I don't know if it
will ever end.

Don't look at me with judgment in your eyes! Many of you do it too.
And, it's not a bad thing. Trying out new games is very important.
Getting a proper feel for a game, and acknowledging its strengths and
weaknesses, is fundamental to growth in the industry. I'm not talking
about the people that play for 5 hours over 2 weeks and then go back to
whatever it was they were playing before. I'm talking about really
sinking your teeth into a game, leveling up to at least mid-range, if
not max level, trying out the new mechanics, taking part in all of the
varied game play you can from crafting to solo to group to raid to
whatever else the game offers, and then making your call from there.
Most won't do that. A lot will come into a game with a prejudice, and
then start their "victory" posts about how a game sucks after they
level up solo to level 7. But, to the people who actually give a game a
fair shot, and allow themselves to have fun (and make no mistake -
EVERY game has at least some fun to it), I salute you.

So, back to the topic at hand, there is an elite few who will give all
of these games a fair shot. These people are what I refer to as the
grail hunters. Their search for the Atlantis of MMOs helps drive the
genre to new heights, and evolution. And their motivation often comes
from memories of a better time. They've witnessed first-hand how deeply
a game can affect their lives, and long for another game to touch them
the way they once did. Perhaps some of these memories may be seen
through rose colored glasses, but that doesn't change the drive and
thirst for something better. And if it weren't for these crusaders, we
would all still be playing (or not playing) a very watered down, bland
sort of MMOG. Far too many are content with the lackluster products
that have launched in the past, or the mega-games that capitalize off
progressive devco's innovation. Even these mega-games would be pretty
dry if it weren't for the thrill seekers pushing for new ideas which,
in turn, has developing companies coming up with new, insightful, and
exciting evolutionary additions to the genre as a whole. They simply
take those ideas that other companies have developed and slap them into
their game, earning the praise of millions as if it was their own

The grail hunters are wise to this though. They've played the games, so
they know where the ideas have come from, and where credit is due. And
while some of the titles may have some greatness to them, the hunt
continues, because to these hunters, the grail is still out there.
There's still always going to be more that can be done to bring back
some of the magic of the times of yore.

So will we ever find the Holy Grail? Who knows? Possibly, but I dare
say, probably not. But really, that's not what's important. The search
itself is the important thing, as it's that search and passionate drive
that contributes greatly to the success of the industry. Tell me I'm
wrong in
the forums

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