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Richard Garriott talked briefly about his future plans in gaming at the 8th annual Syndicate World Conference last weekend. Some random thoughts about what Lord British had to say, plus two fresh bits from GamesCom in Cologne - a new EVE MMOFPS and more info on the rumors of a Age of Conan expansion. All this in today's Loading... What's in a name?

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For today's Loading..., I thought I'd share what Richard Garriott had to say about his possible return to gaming at last weekend's The Syndicate World Conference, since I haven't seen it reported elsewhere. The following preview has been approved for all audiences:

"I'm fairly commonly asked a) what's next for me in gaming, and b) am I going to do something that's space related since I've obviously spent so much of my time and focus on space. I actually don't have anything to announce by any remote stretch, because literally I have exactly nothing going on in gaming at this precise moment."

"That being said, space has been a part of me for thirty years. Games have been a part of me for thirty years too, and by no means do I think that my journey in gaming is over. The next thing that comes from me or the teams I'm working with probably won't be space related, just because that isn't to me where the inspiration feels like it's coming-from. I've spent 25 years of my career here in Austin, so the Austin gaming community is very near and dear to my heart; they still throw the yearly Austin gaming development parties on my property. So I have a lot of people knocking on my door saying, 'Ok, you've finished your space thing, let's get back to it.'

"So while I have nothing to announce, I think it is quite reasonable to expect and assume that things are moving. I hope to come back to you guys next year about this time and be able to talk more explicitly about my return to gaming."

While I personally like Richard Garriott and, from my few personal encounters with him, I think he's a pretty earnest guy as larger-than-life glory hounds go, I'm not sure we want Richard Garriott back (or Brad NcQuaid) unless it's the old Garriott and McQuaid, the ones that fronted companies that cared more about quality games than dropping names. I'm all about more rockstar treatment for game devs - that kind of attention, when properly earned and properly received - does everyone plenty of good. When big name devs offer nothing to games except rockstar egotism and sour rumors, perhaps its time for another more ambitious generation of rockstar devs.

What's your take on Richard Garriott's latest overtures? Feel free to stop by the Loading... forum or email me with your thoughts.

Shayalyn's Epic Thread of
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From our Aion
General Discussion

Your Beta Experience

I've been out of the dating scene for a
while, but I remember it well enough that I can relate playing an
MMO beta or trial to meeting a new person. Sometimes, you know right
away that your date's not a good match for you. At other times, it
takes a while to discern whether this compelling creature is going
to take you to paradise or break your heart.

Aion's last
closed beta weekend wrapped up yesterday, so let me hit you with the
age-old question: was it good for you? How did your
Aion experience play out? Will you be coming back for more or
telling Aion, "Sorry, it didn't work out. It's not you, it's me?" Share!


Awesome Quotes from the
Epic Thread

"Aion's graphics are amazing.
Everything is so realistic and, unlike the characters in WoW, these
actually feel somewhat alive. They hold up a green leaf when it rains,
fan themselves when your in a desert when it's hot.... In some areas
you see the wind rising from the ground and blow away.

- Sinn


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    It gets better. Apparently the game will actually interact with EVE Online in some capacity. While I don't really know what that encompasses, the idea *sounds* intriguing. It gets better. Apparently the game will actually interact with EVE Online in some capacity. While I don't really know what that encompasses, the idea *sounds* intriguing.

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