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This is the 88th attempt at this column. 

There are 88 constellations according to the IAU.  Space Shuttle mission 88 began construction of the International Space Station.   In Chinese culture the number 88 symbolized fortune and good luck.  A Delorean automobile traveling at 88 miles per hour will travel back in time if its flux capacitor is working properly. 

I’m John Hoskin and I’ll be your MMOG guide today.   

“Hello my friend. Stay a while and listen…” – Deckard Cain

Everyone can use a feel good moment to start the day.   Let’s go with this…

Thanks for taking some time out of your day to read this column.  I truly appreciate it.    If you happen to use Twitter, you can follow me @BoomjackTTH.   I rarely use Facebook, but I do occasionally post gaming related tidbits on Google+ where you can find me under my real moniker John Hoskin. 


The biggest frenzy to hit TenTonHammer.com since we gave away a trip to BlizzCon is underway.   We have, wait for it, Diablo 3 beta keys for our loyal members and readers.

There are a couple of ways to grab a key.   Click the graphic above or on this Diablo 3 Beta Key Giveaway link to get the details.


If you haven’t followed the development of Diablo 3, Stow just posted his Diablo 3 Beta Impressions


I’m almost scared to tell anyone that I have had my Battle.net account unlocked for D3 for quite a while and haven’t even had time to download the bloody install.  


I’m on the road (and above the clouds) for the rest of the week, but I’ll be back in about four days to see how your Diablo 3 luck ran. 


In the meantime, we can’t run this show and I certainly can’t run this daily column without sponsors.   Please do me a biggie and check out some of the titles being published by Aeria Games.   Check them out and then let me know (preferably by email) what you thought of them.   I have never been a Free-To-Play type of gamer, but I’m tempted to try a few of these, truly and not just because they are a sponsor.

 That’s it for today.  Thanks again for reading and as always, may your dreams be big and your worries be small. “


As always, you can contact me a number of ways:

 Until we meet again,

John “Boomjack” Hoskin

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