A Complete Look at the MMOs of 2013 - Part 2

Posted Thu, Jan 10, 2013 by Sardu

We’ve put together a comprehensive two-part look at the games expected to drop sometime in 2013, and as an added bonus have also included a brief look at some of the other titles we hope to learn more about this year, even if they don’t land their ships in our backyard and demand to see our leaders over the course of the next twelve months.

If you haven't already, be sure to check out the first part of the article where we take a look at some of the biggest movers and shakers of 2013, including Neverwinter, The Elder Scrolls Online, Defiance, and more. If you're awesome (and we're sure you are or else you wouldn't be here in the first place!) then chances are you already read through Part One, in which case you can read through the thrilling conclusion in today's episode below.

Marvel Heroes

Developer: Gazillion Entertainment
Status: Closed Beta
Release: 2013

In many ways, Marvel Heroes is kind of like the older sibling of Marvel Super Hero Squad Online. Both games allow players to collect and play as their favorite characters from the Marvel universe, and both attempt to blend elements of action RPGs with an MMO.

If you left it at that, Marvel Heroes would already be worth checking out. While other MMOs in the superhero genre might allow you interact with iconic NPCs, Marvel Heroes throws caution to the wind and lets you live out your HULK SMASH! fantasies more directly. It also boasts the leadership of one David Brevik; a name that should be familiar to the more diehard Diablo fans out there.

If Marvel Heroes has an Achilles heel, it would probably be that it is a bit too faithful to action RPGs at times. I'm talking, of course, about the staple isometric perspective, and the slight disconnect it creates when you spend most of your time looking at the top of your character's head.

Marvel Heroes is a beautiful game, and an incredibly fun one at that. It also offers a distinct change of pace for gamers who may dig certain aspects of Diablo III, but are looking for a richer overall setting to while away the hours.

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Developer: Digital Extremes
Status: Closed Beta
Release: 2013

Warframe is another of the games on our list - along with Hawken and DUST 514 among others - that is more of an online cooperative experience than a full-blown MMO, but we feel it's worthy of inclusion either way. Unlike the other titles listed within the same loose categorization, Warframe is wholly focused on a progressive PvE experience rather than PvP.

The shooter gameplay is pretty solid, and combat is made far more interesting thanks to the inclusion of powerful melee weapons and active skills. The skills are linked to specific Warframes, so in a lot of ways the Warframes double as the class system for the game.

As some have noted, certain aspects of the free-to-play model for Warframe dance threateningly close to pay-to-win territory, but considering the closed beta status of the game we're willing to give Digital Extremes the benefit of the doubt here. Like most other aspects of the game, there's a good chance that the cash shop end of things will be balanced along with skills, weapons, and Warframes before the full release.

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