So here's the best hero in League of Legends from a design standpoint. Your goal as Gragas is to get drunk and run into people. If they're out of range, you can throw your keg at them to do direct damage, or explode and send them flying into you, where you can then run into them over and over again until they fall over. You are a fat man with a keg, and this guide will teach you how to throw your weight around!

Gragas is one of those heroes that you see on the loading screen before combat and you just get annoyed instantly. Very rarely will a Gragas player be able to carry a team to victory through killing power, but his ability to just be a pain in the ass is unrivaled. He will knock you around, he will slow you down, he will cripple your carries and drink on your corpses. He is the Rabble Rouser, and he is a wonderful addition to any team.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016