We've all seen it happen. First we're minding our own business and going to town on a guy, and next thing you know we're staring at our dead body, reduced to smithereens by a mage on the sidelines. In League of Legends, that mage is Veigar. Striking from afar, he brings some of the highest burst damage in a tiny, fragile little package. Amidst all the new, fancier mage heroes of the game, Veigar has a much weaker early game, in favor of a late game that brings certain death to his enemies. We give you the tips and tricks to surviving to that point of godliness, and how to enhance it further in our League of Legends Hero Guide to Veigar!

Your ultimate as Veigar is just another glorified single target nuke, and the base numbers are quite small on it. However, this scales like no other spell in the game when you target enemy casters stacking ability power. Typically offensive mages will skimp on their defenses in favor of getting as much ability power as possible, which plays right into your hands. When both Veigar and his target are farmed, you’ll likely have 700-900 ability power and your target will have 500-700. That’s at least 1200 more damage on the hit!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016