Patch 2.4 brought about a lot of new additions to the game, from Daily Quests to new a new faction, a new 10-man, and a new 25-man raid instance. We will now go over the major changes to the game.

- Raid Instance: Sunwell Plateau

The newest raid instance, this one focuses on defeating the Burning Legion's master himself, Kil'Jaeden! The highest tier raid dungeon implemented so far, this new dungeon offers many new challenges and events for those raiding guilds wishing to progress further than the Black Temple. This dungeon requires a lot of coordination and the best gear you can muster, so experienced raids need only apply.

- Instance: Magister's Terrace

Prince Kael'thas came back from the dead in this new 5-man dungeon also implemented in the Isle of Quel'Danas. With new loot and unique bosses, including the first and only cinematic sequence within the game past the introduction, the latest 5-man zone has been a favorite to many players, who run it in both normal and heroic hoping for Prince Kael'thas's best goodies to drop, as well as some Shattered Sun Offensive reputation.

You may view TenTonHammer's Guide to the Magister's Terrace by clicking here!

- Daily Quests

Daily Quests got a major overhaul this Patch, giving players a new total amount of quests they may do per day - up to 25! Opening up the potential for lots of money and lots of reputation in a very, very fast manner, 2.4 gives players the option to stop having low amounts of money and buy the items they've always wanted but never could afford.

Our coverage on the Daily Quests, as well as the multiple phases the Shattered Sun Offensive goes through before finally recovering Quel'Danas is as follows:

Phase 1 - Recovering the Sun's Reach Sanctum

Phase 1.5 - Outland Shattered Sun Offensive Quests

Phase 2 - Recovering the Sun's Reach Armory

Phase 3 - Recovering the Sun's Reach Harbor

Phase 4 - Alchemy Lab and Memorial

New PvP and Fishing Daily Quests

- Global Arena Tournament

The Arena Tournament also launched in 2.4 - paying 15 dollars allows your account to log into a special Tournament-Only server, allowing you to buy any single item you could ever buy, PvP-wise, along with enchants, gold, and gems you could need, all in order to compete in combat to be the best of the best in the Arena! You may create a new fresh level 70 character in this realm and it has no monsters, just global PvP so you can fight to your heart's content and test out your builds and gear!

Winners take a cash prize, and many other goodies should they qualify. Watch out for TenTonHammer's coverage on the Arena Tournament soon!

- Combat Log

The filtering in the Combat Log underwent major changes, allowing players to sort through the actions others are doing, they are doing, and what's happening to them, giving them more control and more information on what's going on to their characters at any given time!

- Gameplay Changes

Eating and drinking is now exponential, meaning you will not get the same amount at the beginning than at the end of when you begin eating or drinking. This also affects Arenas.

The more Intellect you have, the more your spirit-based mana regeneration will regenerate!

- Player vs Player

Honor is now instantly calculated, no more needing to wait until the next day for it!

Warsong Gulch changed, now giving players a 50% increased damage taken debuff if they're holding the enemy's flag for more than 10 minutes, and 100% more damage if they both have it for 20 minutes, in an effort to break some stalemates.

Alterac Valley requires players to burn atleast 2 towers to win, since Marshals and Warmasters buff each other by 25% more damage and health, as well as the enemy general, making it almost impossible to defeat otherwise.

- Dungeons

Raid Instances including Tempest Keep, Serpentshrine Cavern, Mount Hyjal, Karazhan have all had their attunement requirements removed, so now any bold group of players can brave the encounters should they choose to without worrying about attunement!



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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016


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