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(Note: If you don't understand something I have said or abbreviated, get caught up on the terminology here.)

From the staff of Ten Ton Hammer we hope you all had a Happy New Year!


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AoC Community Survey #6 RESULTS
Wexx is back with the results of his 6th community survey. The latest survey covers community feedback and demographics for Age of Conan.


Revolutionary combat??? Hardly...
Age of Conan's combat system has undergone a lot of changes since beta and even after launch. Some people aren't particularly happy about where those changes have led us and they decided to open discussion about it in this thread. Several view points are expressed along with a troll or two. Give it a look and tell us what you think about AoC's combat.

Happy New Year Funcom
The New Year is here and with it holiday wishes and lots of cheer. This thread is aimed at wishing a Happy New Years to some of our favorite personalities over at Funcom like Famine, Yakomo, Sillirion and the rest of the Funcom crew.

Dear Crom, Please Fix My Boob - My New Year's Resolution
I probably can't make a joke about this thread that's any funnier than its title. Needless to say this is a New Year wish from some of the players requesting that the Mark of Acherone please be removed from the breast of their female avatar. One could argue it may be obstructing the view of said animated nipple. In any case this thread makes for a decent read and you'll get a chuckle or two out of it as well. Making it one of the best threads of the new year.


AoC Ten Ton Hammer Threads of the Week


Happy New Years From Ten Ton Hammer
The New Year has arrived and the staff of Ten Ton Hammer wants to wish you a happy holiday and a great year as we enter into 2009. Feel free to share your New Year wishes with us here.

Stuff to do at 80 in AoC?
Ever wonder what there is to do in AoC once you reach level 80? This thread will provide you with plenty of ideas on current and coming content that you might find useful once you reach that famed level cap.

The Daily "It Made Me Laugh!"
What better way to start a new year off than with a good laugh. This thread is all about having fun and enjoying a good laugh with various forms of humor. Give it a read and enjoy our communities sense of humor. Share some of your own if you know a good funny link.

Weekly Funny with the Tuk


(The Weekly Funny is not reflective of the views of Ten Ton Hammer. That said, they are of mine.)

There are many aspiring stunt men out there be it professional or Internet wannabe. Often times these can be pretty entertaining to watch because they either offer a death defying feat that seems impossible or a comical crash that probably required a trip to the hospital. I once saw a guy try to jump 37 cars on a motorcycle. He successfully jumped 36 of them. This week's funny reminds me of that moment in a way as our aspiring daredevil tries to have a van pull his bike, thus giving him enough speed to jump a house. Will he make it? Watch and find out in this little video I call...

Missed it by that much...


This Week's AoC Ten Ton Hammer Content


Ten Ton Hammer has rolled out a ton of new content, videos, and guides since launch and the content train is still rolling. In case you missed it here is all the great content from this past week.



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