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Mission Guide Portal

Updated Fri, May 22, 2009 by Savanja

Missions in EVE Online work a little differently than they do in other games since there are no class levels.  Missions, however, do have levels and these are representative of the skill and equipment that it will take in order to complete the mission.  A new player, for example, will want to stick with level 1 missions, but once they have a frigate or cruiser then they could easily move on to level 2 missions.  If the mission level you are currently on loses its challenge, move on to the next level!  The highest tier of missions are very difficult and generally take place in low/no security space.

There are several different types of missions, the most common being kill, courier, trade, and mining missions.  The list of mission guides below will tell you what kind of mission you will be doing, what it will offer as a reward and bonus reward as well as walk you through the entire mission with details and tips.

Feel free to browse our missions guides.  More will soon be added but until then if you need help with a mission, please post your questions to our forums!


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