ArcheAge Launch Center

By Reuben Waters -

ArcheAge Launch Center

Founder’s Head Start on Friday, September 12 – Official Launch on Tuesday, September 16

To help get you started on your journey through the massive sandbox world of ArcheAge, we’ve put together an official ArcheAge Launch Center for our readers on Ten Ton Hammer. Below you will find a collection of guides that will help get you up to speed on crafting, transport, farming and more.

Before we begin, the official launch server list for North America and Europe includes:

North America

  • Aranzeb
  • Niama
  • Kyrios
  • Ollo
  • Tahyang
  • Salphira
  • Inoch


  • Shatigon
  • Kyprosa
  • Eanna
  • Dahuta
  • Aier

We’ll be sure to update the above list with new server names should any be added post-launch.

ArcheAge New Player Guides

New Player




General Gameplay

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