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Undead Forsaken Race

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Undead (Forsaken)
Quick Facts:

  • Faction: Horde
  • Language: Gutterspeak
  • Starting Zone: Tirisfal Glades
  • Racial Leader: Banshee Queen Sylvanas
  • Capital: Undercity
  • Racial Mount: Skeletal Horse

The Forsaken, or the Undead as they are more commonly referred too, are very unlike the shambling zombie impression the term Undead may first imply. Even though when you first see them they may give off that appearance as a race they are one of the more enigmatic choices you can start with on the side of the horde. With an interesting story background behind them, the Undead seem to almost be a “third faction” in WoW.

Undead History

The Undead are the remnants of those killed off by the original Lich King's campaign to scour the living from Azeroth. Once killed by the Lich King's evil magics they were resurrected into an Undead state and compelled into combat against all living things.

Eventually they won free of the Lich King's control, but were then forced to face several unpleasant truths. They could remember what they had done under the Lich King's influence which drove many of them mad, and because of those actions every other race on Azeroth despised them and wanted to kill them on sight.

The banshee queen Sylvanas rose to power and lead the Undead against the Lich King and helped establish a new capital for the survivors under the ruins of Lordaeron's Capital. This new collective called themselves the Forsaken and their new capital the Undercity.

Despite assisting both the Horde and the Alliance factions against the Lich King and countless other enemies they are still feared and mistrusted, especially by the Alliance and Humans. They are a part of the Horde officially and have assisted them in numerous ways, but it is still an uneasy alliance.

Starting Zone

Tirisfal Glades
Map of Tirisfal Glades

As an Undead player you will start your existence in the zone of Tirisfal Glades. The starting area is laid out to help explain how you have risen from the dead and a bit of history about the race of the Forsake. It starts off in proper eerie fashion befitting a zombie like race as you awake in a mausoleum.

The natural progression, levels 1-10, is to complete the quests in the starting area of Deathknell, then proceed north then west to Brill. Your quests here will take you north of Brill's graveyard, then west to Solliden Farmstead area (and areas on the path between), and northwest to Agamand Mills. Quest lines here will push you all the way to level 10 and beyond.

Once the quests in the starting zone have been completed you can head out to several other zones to explore. Want to learn more about the Undead, head into the Undercity and talk to all the NPC's, want to level head on out to other zones. Go ahead create a new Undead character and find out more!

Racial Abilities

The Undead, like all other races, have several distinct racial abilities that reflect the overall personality of their race. As of Mists of Pandaria the Undead racial abilities are:

Ability Name Description
Will of the Forsaken
Removes any Charm, Fear, and Sleep effects. This shares a 30 second cooldown with other similar effects.
Shadow Resistance
Passive Ability. Reduces shadow damage taken by 1%.
Allows you to eat humanoid or Undead corpses. When activated regenerates 7% of total health and mana every 2 seconds for 10 seconds. Damage taken during this time will cancel the effect.
Touch of the Grave
Your attacks and damaging spells have a chance to drain the target, dealing shadow damage and healing you for the same amount.


The Undead can be the following classes:

The Undead are a great race for any class with their ability to regain health and mana through cannibalize and their extra damage ability with touch of the grave. Where they really shine though is in PVP where Will of the Forsaken helps them get out of tricky situations.

Racial Mount

Undead Racial Mount

Not only the human inhabitants of Lordaeron were turned into Undead monstrosities by the Lich King, their mounts were affected as well. This turned out to be a blessing though as it has allowed the Forsaken to maintain their mobility by having Undead mounts to match themselves. What more could you want from a mount, being Undead they do not need to eat, sleep, or even rest, making them an ideal choice for a Forsaken adventurer.

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