By now the news of Cryptic's merge with Atari has made its way around the internet. Cryptic has been developing, among other titles, Champions Online. With the news of the merger, gamers anticipating the title have been left with the question of how this will affect the development of the project. Since the development of the game was being handled by Cryptic, and publishing was under 2k Games, a merger at this time could mean... well, anything.

We contacted April Jones, PR Director for 2k Games and asked her if this move will affect their involvement with the game.

"This is exciting news for Cryptic and we are very happy for them," April stated. "The discussions aren't yet finalized on our side though so we will let everyone know if there is a change in 2K's involvement with Champions Online."

So it looks like there may be a few more days of waiting until all the details are outlined, but 2K Games seems pretty pleased with the news.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016