Mattlow follows up his 3D Vision by Nvidia review with a comparison of the top monitors available to use with the new technology. Will the Acer GD235HZ with its low price point of $399 be able to topple the gaming giant Alienware OptX AW2310, which comes in at a hefty $499? Mattlow breaks the monitors down and gives you the skinny on which one is the best deal.

Not to worry, we here at Ten Ton Hammer decided that we had to help you make an informed choice on which monitor was the best. When I say we decided we had to help you, what I really mean is that I couldn't make up my mind which to buy, so I bought them both (stupid I know). I then lied to my wife and told her that I bought them for a review I was writing. Well, now I have to write the review so I can tell myself I only half lied about the purchase. My stupidity is your gain (as long as you agree not to tell her).

You can read the article Here!

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016