“Add” - what Tanks apparently can’t do. As in:

Q. “Why the
%**& did you just pull &*!*@! 17 ^^^
Demonic Exhalers of Ghastly Flatulence??

A. “Errm... I only counted three...sorry”

AE - short for “aggro enhancement”. Spell guaranteed to attract ravenous, butt
chomping mobs from every point on compass faster than the All You Can
Eat Buffet at a Steven Seagal look-a-like contest.

AFK - “away from keyboard” - an otherwise helpful character designation that, once announced, is immediately and permanently forgotten by the player, becoming a signaling condition analogous to the perpetual left turn blinker favored by senior citizens.

“Alt” - lesser PC created for the sole purpose of avoiding other players.

“Camp” - the precise geographical location where the most violent and deadliest mobs are guaranteed to spawn at any given time. With predictable and lamentable consequences.

“Changed” - phrase used by game developers to announce that a hitherto enjoyable aspect of play has just been made much, much worse. As in, “We changed the way that
mobs react to the Thong of Ferocity
” indicates that “The Thong of
Ferocity that you just paid 10 plat for will never work the way it used to ever
again. Not even in a million years. Ho, ho, ho. Please throw it away.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016