Nexon has come up with a new way to help support and sponsor talented game development with the new Nexon iNitiative. Do you have a great game idea? Have you got the next big game in your head but lack the resources needed to complete the project? Submit your idea to the Nexon iNitiative and you could have a chance at getting part of a $1,000,000 support package and a publishing contract with Nexon. Sound tempting? Click here to read all about it and submit your game idea.

We are interested in finding original, unique and promising projects at an early stage of development in order to sponsor (and in cases co-develop) and later on publish through our global network. If your project becomes sponsored, Nexon will provide you a one-stop chance for your online game project to get actual support in terms of funding/development and global publishing all at the same time!

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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Stacy "Martuk" Jones was a long-time news editor and community manager for many of our previous game sites, such as Age of Conan. Stacy has since moved on to become a masked super hero, battling demons in another dimension.