Cheap? Fun? What's not to

Unlike many of its console brethren, the massively multiplayer online
game comes in a huge variety of shapes, genres, and business models.
Although originally built as long, perilous roleplaying games with slow
combat systems and pay-by-month subscription rates, the MMOG market has
gradually evolved to include a variety of play styles and business
models. One of the newest models on the block is the free-to-play,
quick adventuring MMOG, which is what our interviewee's company is
producing. With a game titled Warrior Epic, Possibility Space is
busting unto the development scene and we sat down with their community
manager, Brice Lucas, to find out more about this fast action,
free-to-play MMOG. His answers were extensive, and if you have any
interest in cheap, fun games this interview shouldn't be missed!

In Warrior Epic, your role is to hire and build a
team of warriors that
you then use to explore the world and battle other players. There are
two aspects to questing in our game. The primary Campaign Mode allows
you to advance through the story of the Warrior Epic and grants you
access to different realms, unlocks, etc. You may also go into
Adventure Mode which consists of short side-quests that help you
increase the strength of your warriors prior to embarking on a Campaign
or PvP match.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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