Archlord, the free to play MMORPG that enables the player to become the ruler of the world, is quickly approaching the release of it's newest expansion. Episode 3, Spirits Awakening is scheduled to be released this month and the Ten Ton Hammer staff has uncovered four new screenshots, along with some new information about the expansion for you to enjoy.

From the official site:

Episode 3: Spirits Awakening adds three new realms to the game, each providing unique and interesting challenges to the players.

The realms are populated by tough elemental creatures that require teamwork and skill to take down, each one providing a strong challenge to any seasoned warrior.

In addition to this, players will find on their first arrival in the realms that normal Healing Potions do not work there, they will need to acquire Elemental Potions which drop from mobs or alternatively they can be purchased directly from the Chantra Shop for a minimal price.

The final major challenge that lies in wait for the adventurous warriors are Environmental Hazards, massive traps that can be found throughout the realms which will hurt any who accidentally walk into them.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016