ArchLord was first released in the Western market, it tried to buck the
trend of many of its Asian-imported kin by being purchase-only and
integrating a subscription fee into the whole system. Now Codemasters
Online has rescinded their subscription model and have made ArchLord
completely free-to-play. In an effort to boost player populations even
more, Codemasters has promised a full suit of real ArchLord armor to
the first player that successfully becomes an ArchLord! The Ten Ton
Hammer staff snagged a couple pics of the armor, which you're
encouraged to go view!

16th August
– Codemasters Online is pleased
to announce that ArchLord is now completely free-to-play with the full
game now available for FREE download with no monthly subscription and
an all new FREE expansion, Episode 2: Season of Siege. This epic
fantasy is one of the few premium MMORPG’s that offers a 100%
fee free
gaming experience.

It’s time to raise an army and compete to
rule the world as players from around the globe rise from pretender to
contender and fight to become the games first all-ruling,
all-conquering ArchLord. The first ArchLord will not only rule the
world for a month, but they will control the lives of thousands of
players and also win a full suit of real ArchLord armour* designed and
developed exclusively by Codemasters Online.

Ed Relf, Director
of Marketing, Codemasters Online commented “We are ecstatic
to be in a
position now to release ArchLord as an entirely FREE MMORPG and this
marks a milestone in the games ongoing development. Since its release,
ArchLord has grown consistently and we are excited to throw open the
doors to players across N.America and Europe looking to play a premium
100% FREE MMORPG. Players are now only a download away from entering
one of the most rich and rewarding PvP experiences in MMO

To download ArchLord for FREE and take part in the race to become the
games first ArchLord* visit class="releaselink" target="_new">www.archlordgame.com

*Full terms and conditions for the ArchLord competition can be found at
class="releaselink" target="_new">http://www.archlordgame.com/suitofarmourterms.php style="font-weight: bold;">

ArchLord Armor

style="width: 440px; text-align: left; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto; height: 650px;"
href="http://www.tentonhammer.com/node/10243" title="Up Close"> src="/image/view/10243/thumbnail"
title="Standing Watch"> src="/image/view/10242/preview"
href="http://www.tentonhammer.com/node/10241" title="En Garde!"> src="/image/view/10241/preview"
title="Brandishing a weapon"> src="/image/view/10240/preview"

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016