Stunlock Studios have been kind enough to provide us with 10 Early Access copies of Battlerite alongside 10 Molten Warhounds. The legendary mounts are exclusive to Streamers and are incredibly rare they also happen to look pretty bloody awesome. 

The Giveaway

All you have to do is tell us in the comments below which Hero/Champion from any other Battle Arena and/or MOBA you'd like to see in Battlerite. It can be from any game, but we want to know why you like their kit so much and why you think a similar Champion in Battlerite would be a good thing. Simple. 

The Rules

1. We'll choose the best 10 entries. 

2. You're free to make as many comments as you wish. 

3. You must make your comment with a Disqus account that you actively use as we'll be contacting you via Disqus for you to claim your prize.

4. The closing date is Saturday 1st October with winners accounced Monday 3rd October.

5. The Early Access and Molten Warhounds will be given away as a single prize, per person. If you already own a copy of Battlerite however, you're free to do with the spare copy of the game as you see fit. 

The Prize

1. (x1) Early Access copy of Battlerite (Steam Code)

2. (x1) Legendary Molten Warhound (Steam Code) 


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Last Updated: Sep 26, 2016

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