In this Battlerite Tier list we present the latest rankings for League 3v3


Also, I really must stress that all Champions are viable in Battlerite. While you can always argue that some are stronger than others (and there undoubtedly are), what makes Battlerite so fantastic is that with practice, you can win with any Champion in any composition. Personal skill really can make that much of a difference and the slightest mistakes can be punishing. If you truly want to min-max then by all means, stick to this Tier List. If you simply want to learn one Champion and be the very best at it, by all means go right ahead: you’ll still be able to climb just as far (just perhaps not as easily). This list is formulated based on personal experience, total game win rates, and analysing tournament play. 

Updated: 20 March 2020

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Tier List Descriptors

Tier S+ - Greatly Overpowered. These Champions are undeniably too strong and can be placed in any composition and succeed.

Tier S - Overpowered. Champions which are often first pick, first ban material and are considered top tier. 

Tier A+ - Slightly Overpowered. Just above the point balance, these Champions should see only minor changes.

Tier A - Balanced. These Champions should see few if any changes.  

Tier B - Slightly Underpowered. These Champions are good, but often require a highly skilled individual to get the most out of them. 

Tier C - Underpowered. Considered weak, team compositions generally need to be built around a Champion in this pool. Rarely, if ever, seen in competitive play. 

Tier D - Greatly Underpowered. These Champions are not considered viable. 

S Tier

A+ Tier 

A Tier

B Tier

C Tier

"No Champions are currently considered C Tier."


Champion Descriptions and Quick Search Table

S Tier

Ashka: There's no mistaking Ashka's ranged potency when he's bombarding opponents with Fire Storm, while his Flamestrike offers valuable AOE zoning and solid crowd control. He's only limited by the fact he's fairly easy to tunnel. One miss-timed Searing Flight, or a failed Molten Fist can see him killed quickly. That said, a skilled Ashka can often work around this with relative ease.

Thorn: Based on his damage, utility, mobility and sustain, there's no doubting Thorn is a challenging and powerful Champion. With the ability to pull players out of position, combined with valuable tools to mitigate damage in Barbed Husk, he can fill almost any composition. If you also factor in that he gains Energy incredibly quickly, he can often clean up with a well placed Dead Roots combo.
Oldur: My favorite Support, Oldur is an aggressive Champion that excels at looking after his team, while dealing high damage. He might lack healing compared to his peers, but he makes up for this in pure damage output. He can survive fair amounts of punishment, control well thanks to Stone Glass and Quick Sand, and he can punish a single player through the use of his Ultimate.

A+ Tier

Bakko: Offering high amounts of crowd control, with a valuable deflect, Bakko can punish ranged Champions fairly easily. Bakko's greatest weakness is if he has his Bulwark baited, he and his team are left vulnerable. Despite that, his shielding offered by War Shout is strong, while Valiant Leap it's great for stealing the Orb and pressuring those caught in a slow/root.
Blossom: Valued not just because of the body-blocking potential of her Tree of Life, but also because she has powerful 1 on 1 potential. The debuffs her charged Thwack! provide grants high amounts of control, while her healing remains high. The EX variant of her Tree of Life - Forest of Sanctuary - can ensure she is capable of mitigating high amounts of damage.
Croak: As long as there's no gaurenteed means of reliably locating a stealthed Champion, Croak will always have a place in the top tiers of Battlerite. With amazing mobility, high damage, self-sustain and an Ultimate ability that can wipe an ill-prepared team, Croak remains a valuable pick. Experienced players can play around him, but he's a constant threat and one that can be challenging to deal with.
Freya: While Freya relies heavily on others making mistakes to gain her highest potency (notably the triggering of her Electric Shield), she's more than powerful enough to go toe-to-toe with most compositions. A varied kit that offers bags of shielding, mobility and utility, a well skilled Freya player is frightening to deal with. Her Ultimate might be easy to avoid at times, but that doesn't change her potency when wailing on a target.
Jumong: It's fair to say that Jumong requires a highly skilled player to maximize his potential, as he needs pin-point accuracy to consistently apply and consume his Seeker's Mark. If he has this, while making effective rotations of his defensive abilities, Jumong can be a slippery Champion to pin down. His burst potential is incredibly high, and thanks to Seeker's Mark, he has plenty of sustain when fighting. 
Lucie: Lucie is undoubtedly a powerful Support, simply because she has high healing, an incredibly strong shield which she can apply without line of sight, and a frustrating Panic that can buy her considerable time. If she makes effective use of her Roll and Barrier, she can prove difficult to pin down and even harder to lop health from. As long as she has a team who peel for her when she's under major pressure, she'll often survive with little worry.

Pestilus: Acting as a somewhat less-mobile version of Blossom (Tree of Life and Queen are similar mechanically), Pestilus can be annoying to fight against. His constant use of panics, immunity thanks to Infect, and high burst with Bloodsucker leaves him challenging to deal with. 

Raigon: Against inexperienced players, and particularly in 3's, a skilled Raigon can be fairly relentless. His ability to dive, and make it out alive, sees him clean up against low mobility Champions. If he's fortunate enough to regularly trigger his Parry, or reliably lands his Seismic Shock, he can be oppressive and highly annoying. 

Shifu: Inspite of nerfs, Shifu can be annoying strong, but he is - at times - predictable. A triggered counter is easy to avoid, if you bait his counter he'll leap for Fleetfoot, leaving him vulnerable the moment it ends. Despite that predictability, clever use of his abilities - as well as snap use of his Javelin - can see him deal high, consistent damage. 

A Tier

Ezmo: WIth incredible mobility, coupled with rapid delivery of damage, Ezmo is hard to pin down and frustrating to fight against. His Shackle and Chaos Grip prove particularly powerful when combined, while he can run rings around slow Champions. His only downside is the fact that once Displace is on cooldown, he's fairly easy to punish. Considering he often has to use this to engage and trigger his Battlerites, he's sometimes left vulnerable.

Jamila: A varied kit that provides bags of mobility and avoidance, Jamila is frustrating to pin down and capable of dealing high damage. Even without her counter, she can still engage and retreat with relative ease. If she isn't punished when out of position, she can carry any team with relative ease.

Pearl: While experienced players can bait her counter, skilled Pearl players can mitigate this risk and anticipate feigned attacks. Not only that, but even if she does waste it, she still has a reliable out and an incredibly powerful silence. Bubble Barrier remains strong versus any ranged threat, while Jaws can carry most teams if they coordinate attacks upon those landing.
Poloma: Working best with Champions that can stay near her Soul Bind tethering, Poloma has a great deal of utility to frustrate the opposition. Her AOE panic can be used aggressively when diving, while Ghost Wolf is amazing for stealing the central Orb. While she can't heal herself without the aid of others or use of her Ultimate, she can often 1 on 1 opponents with extreme ease.
Sirius: Offering excellent healing that doesn't require line of sight, Sirius also provides high control and high burst damage. While his rotations are often predictable - typically lead by Celestial Split - he can still do very well against players who don't bait his counter, or who don't anticipate his dive. 

Varesh: I've faught against many Varesh players that are frighteningly good. However, that doesn't change the fact that he not only needs exceptional aim, but perfect timing of his counter. Fundamentally, the moment his counter (Wu Ju) is on cooldown, he's incredibly vulnerable. That said, if he does have a balanced team around him, who offer protection and peels, he can do very well. Even so, Varesh needs a lot of practice and a highly experienced player to get the most out of his kit.

B Tier

Alysia: If she's left to her own devices, Alysia can be incredibly oppressive. Unfortunately for her, she needs perfect play against dive, melee compositions, as she can be tunneled incredibly easily. If she has a strong support such as Lucie or Oldur she can do well, just don't expect her to to carry like Ashka. 
Destiny: Repeated nerfs to her kit and its potency have hurt Destiny a great deal. Her silence from Charged Bolt remains valuable, her ability to zone the Orb excellent thanks to Plasma Wall, and Sky Strike still allows her to mitigate predictable ranged or melee damage. Unfortunately for her, a coordinated team will burst her down the moment she wastes her counter.
Iva: There's nothing bad about Iva per se, but she doesn't excel anywhere either. To be at her most effective she needs to get incredibly close to opponents which leaves her vulnerable, while she's often overly reliant on Flamethrower. Machine Gun is easily countered, and once she has exhausted Jet Pack, she's easy to pin down. Despite these complaints, and as my most played Champion, she can still work well in the right setup.

Jade: Often overly reliant on effective use of her Snipe, an aggressive Jade who makes effective use of her rapid basic attacks can be a real headache to deal with. If she lands her silence against key targets, at the right moment, she's capable of delivering high burst damage. She can often struggle in 3's due to the rise of dive Champions and Oldur's deflects.

Rook: Rook is often feast or famine. If he can reliably bait Rush, and then land it, he can punish enemies with ease. If he can then ping-pong between opponents, lopping health off every Rush, he can quickly overwhelm. Effective use of his Berserk also ensures he can get out of most scrapes easily, while his Eat provides amazing sustain. 

Ruh Kaan: I love Ruh Kaan, but there's no doubting he lacks the potency of Rook, Raigon and Shifu. He's entirely reliant on Wicked Claw to initiate, while his self-healing against Cursed opponents is limited, and still doesn't allow him to truly gain the edge over most of his peers. Shadowbolt can steal an Orb easily, and Sinister Strike offers an invaluable i-frame, but he's undeniably challenging against highly mobile compositions.

Zander: While his healing output isn't as high as other Support Heroes, Zander does offer a lot of utility. His Teleport allows Champions such as Rook and Raigon to tunnel players with impunity, while Sheep Trick > Grand Conjuration often gaurentees a solid burst of damage. Despite this, his healing being low limits his potential to truly Support, as he also has no shielding to offer allies.

Taya: Unrivalled mobility makes Taya a frustrating Champion to deal with. Unfortunately, and in in 3's, she can perform poorly simply because she can be placed under so much pressure, so quickly. When she is, she can be blown up in seconds.

Ulric: A kit that's brimming with utlity, survivability, high healing output and crowd control. Unfortunately for Ulric, he relies heavily on having to be next to Champions to give them his best Support, while he has no out-of-vision shielding, meaning he constantly has to chase his team around to be truly effective.


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Last Updated: Mar 25, 2020

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