While gamers still await official confirmation that the popular Fallout series would be making its way into the realm of MMO gaming, an interesting struggle between Bethesda and Interplay has arose. Kotaku has the story on what seems to be happening:

The looming action (which has not yet been made official, but is still likely enough to warrant Interplay filing about it) stems not from the game's rights - which Interplay picked up fair and square - but from the game's progress. Or lack thereof.

Fallout IP owners Bethesda allege that, as part of the deal in which they bought the rights to Fallout (but left the MMO rights for Interplay), Interplay were supposed to have commenced "full-scale" work on the title by April 4, 2009.

Interplay were also supposed to have secured funding for the development of the game. Bethesda claim that neither of these conditions have been met.

As a result, Bethesda are seriously considering "[terminating] the trademark licence agreement" currently in place between the two companies.

Could this shelve a popular IP before it even gets off the ground? Fallout fans will surely be on the edge of their seats awaiting the answer to this new development.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016