The Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventure community is continuing to grow at a steady pace and there are new forum members entering the community daily. This is great for the game but it can make finding those juicy tidbits of information and great discussion a tedious task as the number of dramatic post and flaming rants increase in number. Let Ten Ton Hammer do it for you. Join us as we examine some of the best threads and top discussion of the week, keeping you the player, up to date on some of the best discussions in the AoC community.

State of the Game--February 2008

Likely the hottest thread of the week is on the "State of the Game." Pharamond started this discussion to give players a thread to discuss the new "State of the Game release that was released on Monday. If you haven't read the "State of the Game yet" you can do so here. Despite the many cries of, "DOOM!!! DOOM!!! OH DOOM!!!" emanating across the forum world, AoC seems to still be one great looking game according to this release. Some things had to be cut or merged, but nothing so damaging that it would sink the game. The developers give a great and detailed view on how the game is looking. The community on the official AoC forums seems to have a positive attitude and a few mixed feelings, but the release seemed to calm some of the doomsayers a bit.

A RP-PVE server ?

Do you want to see a Role-play (RP) Player vs Environment (PvE) server come to AoC? I certainly do and so do many others. As you will see in this thread, some people don't think you can Role-play properly if the server isn't a RP Player vs Player (PvP) set. This is a mistaken thought however, as many Massively Multi-player Online Games (MMOG) before this one have based their RP servers on a PvE set. Role-players can do their thing without the looming threat of PvP around every corner, even though that does add an aspect of danger that some may love, others despise. Do you want to see this kind of server? Add your thoughts here and let's see what happens.

So the Bear Shaman does more damage than the Conqueror?

Are you looking forward to the Bear Shaman? This thread was started in response to the Ten Ton Hammer class interview about the Bear Shaman in AoC. If you missed it you can read it here. There were several mixed views on the interviews as some drew conclusions about a possible balance issue dealing with the Bear Shaman. Not everyone agrees with that thought and there is a pretty decent discussion debating that point.

IDEA: Guild Deplomacy/Faction System

This thread was started by d punch to propose an idea for a deeper layer of game play. Don't let the threads slight typo of diplomacy fool you. The original post is a well thought out and detailed idea. The initial idea deals with guild diplomacy and alliances. If you are in to the politics of in-game play, this might prove to be interesting and something that could be an interesting set of mechanics should the developers eventually consider it.

AoC must copy LOTRO

If there is one thing everybody can agree on it's that you need free content updates with any MMOG these days. Games like Lord of the Rings Online, World of Warcraft and others offer free content modules post launch to help tide players over until an expansion comes out. Many players feel AoC needs to do this as well to remain on par with the competition. What do you think?

Your experiences in past PvP games - the good and the bad

When it comes to Player vs Player (PvP) action, what are your pros and cons? This thread discusses the good and the bad aspects of PvP from several players view points from past games. Do you have a story to share? Do it here.

Worried about PVP server populations.

AoC will have a strong focus of PvP activity. Some are concerned that the population on PvP servers might not be high enough to sustain a strong community. This has drawn mixed views from the AoC community, but if you have similar concerns, you may find this thread of interest.

AoC Ten Ton Hammer Threads of the Week

Age of Conan Class Interview #7: The Bear Shaman

One of the hot topics of the week on both the official AoC forums and the Ten Ton Hammer forums has been the recent class interview on the Bear Shaman. This has not only been discussed heavily on the Ten Ton Hammer forums, but it has spawned several threads on the official AoC forums over this interview.

AoC Gender Survey

This week Ten Ton Hammer is taking a little gender poll to see what the man to woman ratio will look like for AoC Ten Ton Hammer community pool. Stop by and become a statistic.

Guild of the Week

Dark Haven --CST/EST PvE(RPPvE) Guild & City

This week Ten Ton Hammer's Guild of the week goes to Dark Haven. They are a Central US/East Coast guild that will be on a PvE or RP PvE server. Khalathwyr describes it best stating...

While our focus will be toward building our city as mentioned above, this will require Dark Haven to possess an adventure troop capable of braving some of the more dangerous areas of Hyboria not only for the craft materials that can be gained, but also for the thrill of the challenge. We are not a hardcore guild, with the exception of our desire to have fun. Some of us will raid, some of us will PvP, but none will be forced/required to participate in either of those actions.

You can check them out in their Ten Ton Hammer thread or visit their web-site here.

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