Hey folks, this is a new type of editorial I have wanted to try for some time now. One in which we try to spark lively debates by debating issues ourselves and then opening up the debate in our forums. This week my good friend Jeffprime and I are going to have a spirited debate over the pros and cons of DLC (downloadable content). We hope to offer differing viewpoints of the subject and start, what we both agree, should be a great discussion in our community.

Yes, I love BioWare. They are one of the few game companies that I trust to put out one smash hit after another. Dragon Age, Mass Effect, Knights of The Old Republic, Baulders Gate, I loved them all, and of course I can’t wait for The Old Republic. BioWare is making my great white whale there. With that said, they are like that rich uncle you have. You love them, they pay your way through college, but they also molest you. BioWare touches me in an inappropriate way when it comes to their use of DLC.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016