How to do Conquests for the Season’s Journey in Diablo 3 Season 28

By Frankie Stein



Greetings, Watchers! The new season of Diablo 3 has begun and there's an adorable angelic pet dragon named Taennin the Tiny waiting for us at the end of the seasonal journey. However, in order to earn Taennin, you must complete the full Seasonal Journey through Guardian which includes completing Conquests. Conquests may seem challenging if you haven't attempted them before, but they are called achievements for a reason. We're here to assist you in completing them! Here's what you need to know before starting Conquests in Diablo 3 Season 28.

What is meant by Conquests?

 Conquests are achievements that are only available during a certain season. The leaderboards are dedicated to Conquests and are reset after every season. To move forward in the season's journey, players need to complete a Conquest in each of the final three chapters: Destroyer, Conqueror, and Guardian. The Conquests are not pre-determined; players need to complete 1/2/3 (depending on the chapter) of the available five Conquest-type achievements to progress.

Season 28 has various Conquests available with different levels of difficulty

 These Conquests are categorized into normal and hardcore modes. Some can be achieved through solo play and only require appropriate gear and being at level 70, while others are extremely challenging. Let's take a look at the current Conquests for this season.

To earn achievements in the game, you can complete various challenges such as killing specific bosses within 20 minutes of starting the game or killing 350 monsters in a Cursed Chest event on level 70 or higher difficulty. Another challenge is leveling three Legendary Gems to level 65 or completing a Nephalem Rift within 2 minutes on Torment X difficulty or higher. Finally, you can reach Greater Rift Level 55 Solo with the full bonuses of six different Class sets to unlock an achievement.

Which Conquests to complete first in Season 28?

 Let's go through them one by one from a solo player's perspective. The easiest Conquest is On A Good Day / I Can’t Stop, since you will be leveling your gems throughout the season anyway.


Here are the gem ranks required for each tier of conquest:

  • Slayer: Rank 25 gem

  • Champion: Rank 35 gem (requires three gems)

  • Destroyer: Rank 45 gem (requires three gems)

  • Conqueror: Rank 55 gem (requires three gems)

  • Guardian: Rank 70 gem (requires three gems)


Note that the final tier of conquest requires a gem rank increase of 15, not 10. However, if you're working on the pet, you'll naturally increase your gem ranks as you run Greater Rifts.


Based on my understanding, you are sharing your difficulty ranking from a solo perspective and have placed Speed Demon / Need for Speed next on the list. 

To make this challenge more manageable, you suggest starting in a similar way to Season 27's setup for Avarice / Avaritia. This means utilizing the rank 25 bonus for Boon of the Hoarder, which increases movement speed by 30% on gold pickup. Additionally, combining specific gear and gems can improve your chances of successfully completing the two-minute challenge.

To improve your chances of success, consider equipping a pair of Nemesis Bracers on your follower's wrists. When clicked, these bracers will cause enemy champions to spawn at Shrines and Pylons, adding 3-4 bosses to your rift map and increasing your orb drops. Additionally, gaining paragon levels can help you reach maximum movement speed by Paragon 200, which will benefit this Conquest. To successfully complete the Conquest, it's important to know how the timer functions. The countdown begins as soon as you begin your T10 Nephalem rift, and it continues until you turn in to Orek. Therefore, you need to act quickly to finish it! 

The first Conquest of this season is Boss Mode / Worlds Apart which can be easily achieved with a group. If you are at level 70, defeating the mentioned bosses is not very difficult. However, if you want a challenge, try to kill all the bosses within 20 minutes or try to get distracted and play another game like and then come back with fresh energy to the missions

If you're playing alone, the most challenging part will be reaching the bosses

Some bosses, such as The Butcher and Adria, require a long journey to reach. Others, like Belial and Malthael, have two stages in their fights, so they can't be defeated in one attempt. A few bosses, such as Diablo and Urzael, are difficult to locate and defeat. To increase your mobility, use your active and passive skills, paragon points, and gear bonuses wisely. I don't mean to discourage you, but conquering this challenge as a solo player will be tough. However, the season's theme can give you a boost and make it achievable.

To ensure that everyone in your group gets credit for kills, make sure all members are present. Before accepting the boss fight, use the portal to town, which will save your current map's progress without any loss.

Conquering The Curses! / Stars Align can be a great experience with a full party of four people, but it's also possible to complete it alone with the right class

To increase your chances of success, focus on finding a build that can deal with Area or AOE damage since the objective is to kill 100 enemies within a time limit, not 350+. Players who prefer Multishot Demon Hunters and Meteor Wizards can excel in this scenario.

To increase your chances of finding two specific Cursed events, focus on searching for the Cursed Peat event in Act 5's Paths of the Drowned or the Cursed Bellows event in Act 1's Halls of Agony Level 3. Wait for the ideal conditions to appear and then defeat as many enemies as possible (but be careful not to die).

Conquering the Years of War/Dynasty conquest solo may not be the most difficult task this season, but it will require a lot of time

The conquest involves completing a GR55 Solo and obtaining all six-piece class sets in the game. Set gear can be found easily, but each character can only be allocated up to five sets. Therefore, you will need to have at least two level 70 characters in Seasonal play. Getting a second character to level 70 should be easy this season with the altar node that removes item level requirements.

Completing Season 28 will require some effort, but the theme will make it easier for you

You can go after the Conquest achievements before the season ends to earn an angelic dragon pet. Also, find out how to craft a Staff of Herding in Diablo 3 Season 28 for your Altar of Rites.

In Season 28 of Diablo 3, players can expect some new gameplay features related to the Rites of Sanctuary Season theme. These include a ritual sacrifice on the Altar of Rites wherein expensive items like the Staff of Herding must be sacrificed. The Seals and Legendary Potion powers that players will gain through the Altar will also require sacrifices such as crafting materials, blood shards, Petrified Screams, lost souls, or a book that can only be obtained in Set Dungeons. Obtaining the Staff of Herding is particularly challenging and demanding.

The creation of the Staff of Herding does not require powerful magic or a lot of gold

 The process depends on random chance, which involves finding various items that spawn randomly in the game world. These items may not always be present when you reach their location, so you will need to leave and come back later by completing other tasks, like an Adventure Mode bounty. For those playing in Story Mode, it is recommended to load a specific chapter in which the item is located. If the item is not there, exit the game and restart the act until the item appears. If you manage to craft the item, sacrificing it means you cannot use the staff to go to Whimsyshire and collect treasures.


To obtain the Staff of Herding, you will need to embark on a scavenger hunt and gather a variety of unique items. Along with 50,000 gold, you will need the Blacksmith's plan, which can be randomly obtained from Izual in Act 4's Great Span accessed from the Silver Spire. The Staff pieces and their locations are listed below.

To find the Black Mushroom in Act 1, check the first level of Tristram Cathedral thoroughly as it can appear in different spots

 In the same act, to get Leoric's Shinbone, you need to look for it in the fireplace of the entry hall of Leoric's Manor. There is only one location for it, so if you can't find it there, you'll need to reset the manor by leaving the game and reloading or doing another Adventure Mode bounty Act.


The Wirt's Bell is a readily available item sold by Squirt in Act 2, which you can purchase for 100,000 gold once you reach the camp in Caldeum. It's the easiest item to obtain and there's no need to restart the game as it always remains available, so start saving up your gold now.

To find the Liquid Rainbow item in Act 2, you need to go to the Dahlgur Oasis and look for a specific man named Zaven the Alchemist. However, Zaven doesn't always spawn in the Oasis. If he does, he can be found either close to the Oasis entrance to the south or along the southern wall, as far east as possible. When you find him, rescue him from danger. He will open a cave for you, and inside, you will find the Liquid Rainbow in a chest. This information is for the EN-US language code. Sometimes, the chest that holds the Liquid Rainbow may not appear, which means you will need to repeat the entire process of finding Zevan in the Oasis until the chest does appear.



To get the Gibbering Gemstone in Act 3, you need to find the Caverns of Frost on the Fields of Slaughter. If you see Icefall Caves instead, you won't be able to get the Gemstone and have to reset the zone by leaving the game and re-entering Act 3 or doing a different set of Adventure Mode bounties. However, even if you find the Caverns of Frost, you still need to find a Lacuni named Chiltara, kill her, and hope that she drops the Gemstone. If she doesn't, you need to reset and try again.

If you're playing on console, you don't need Leoric's Shinbone or the Liquid Rainbow to craft the item, and the gold total required is lower.


To craft this item for the Altar, you would need 50,000 gold and four very rare items. The items may not be easy to come by and could require persistence and luck. Instead of using the Staff to attain treasure, you must feed it to the Altar. This will consume one Seal for Season 28.


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Last Updated: Jun 26, 2023