Diablo 2 Remake Changing the Little Things


Few games are as influential or loved by the community as Diablo 2. Widely regarded as one of the best PC games of all time, the original 2000 release was hailed as a revelation in multiplayer action RPG design. Giving an experience that was equal parts hardcore and open to casual players, the online community for this 2-decade old title still exists, and now it’s got a remake.

Though it’s incredibly hyped and a long time coming, the Diablo 2 remake entitled Diablo II: Resurrected doesn’t appear to do anything too drastic with the original formula. Instead, it’s focussed more on the minutia, and for purists, this is a very positive thing. After all, classics are classics for a reason, and pushing the envelope too far risks alienating old fans and ruining what made the original so special.

What Little Things?

Though every level of the remake has received some degree of evolution, the most visible comes from how launching the game has changed. Though a small thing, it also means the prior hassle many of us experienced with running and patching the game decades ago can be avoided. This extends as far as offering launcher support through many different game collecting systems that can interface with Blizzard's system, including GoG and Steam.

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Within the game, the most instantly recognizable change, aside from the boosted resolution, is the vastly improved frame rate and animations. The original Diablo 2 ran at a mere 25 FPS, which was accepted at the time but quickly aged the title's visual appeal. Combined with the characters having only 16 possible directional sprites, these two limitations created a jerky look that prevented many modern players from going back. With full 3D models in the remake and support for up to 144 FPS, an infinitely more fluid visual style has been achieved.

In addition to these changes, Diablo 2: Resurrected will also offer many different quality of life improvements. These include expanded stashes, automatic item pickup, cross-progression to different systems, and better UI accessibility features.

As for whether the remake is worth a quick buy, that much we’d caution against. Though the game is already out, recent Blizzard titles have been notoriously lackluster in some surprising ways, some of which aren't immediately obvious. For this reason, we'd recommend against an early purchase, where checking later reviews and tech breakdowns could be key. If it does turn out as great as we hope, however, be wary that this game will eat your time, and likely destroy your clicking finger.

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Last Updated: Sep 24, 2021