Blizzard's Senior VP of Creative Development Chris Metzen dropped the 5th and final Diablo III class on a screaming BlizzCon crowd after teasing them and constantly defining the word "geek" during his presentation. The final class was revealed to be the Demon Hunter. The gameplay shown indicates it will be a ranged class capable of packing a nice punch.

Metzen also announced new PvP Battle Arenas for Diablo III. The arenas include team-based battles with those killed losing the traditional ear. This is a new feature to the series as previously players simply PvPed in game rooms. This will add a great new layer to Diablo PvP and make for some interesting conflicts.

A trailer for the Demon Hunter and the new PvP Battle Grounds was shown at BlizzCon, so stay tuned.

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Last Updated: Nov 06, 2018

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