Destiny 2: BXR-55 Battler God Roll Guide

Destiny 2: BXR-55 Battler PvP God Roll

Perpetual Motion/Rangefinder – This is the best PvP roll.  Perpetual Motion is essentially always active.   Truly great pairing for PvP.


Destiny 2: BXR-55 Battler PvE God Roll

Perpetual Motion/Kill Clip or Adrenaline Junkie – One of two PvE God Rolls, depending on what you are after.   This one is for damage and now that Adrenaline Junkie got buffed is it a viable choice. 


Outlaw/Kill Clip – An old-faithful pairing that works very well with this weapon.   Because you have probably used this pairing many times before it will be immediately comfortable even though the weapon itself doesn't lend itself to comfort. 



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Last Updated: Dec 13, 2021