Optative is a new Hand Cannon that you can earn through Vex Offensive. Aztecross reviews the God Roll that you can get on Optative, and how it performed in both PVP and PVE.

Let's break it down!

Optative means "if only".  We're not sure if players are going say, "If only I had Optative I'd be uber" or "If only they would make this gun better I might use it." Let's see what Aztecross had to say. 

Optative is a precision framed hand-gun; it shoots at 180 rounds per minute.  

Optative goes over the weapon perks and mods respective to his Optative.  As a newbie to Destiny 2 these don't mean much to me, but to veterans I'm sure these are incredibly important. For instance, "Backup Mag" is a mod he has added and his explanation is fantastic. It takes 4 shots to kill an opponent, so increasing the mag from 9-12 is a big deal.  Even a newb like me can understand that. The explanation of the math behind the gun... well...watch the video.  That's for you min/max uber-goober types. I'm sure it's brilliant. I just have no idea what any of it means, yet. 

Quote of the video

I mean c'mon mulligan?  On a hand cannon?  If your shot is that bad that you need mulligan for your hand cannon it may be time to put the hand cannon down."

What is the final verdict on this weapon according to Aztecross?  I'll let you watch the video, but it's not the #1 choice.  What do you think of the weapon?  

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Last Updated: Oct 08, 2019

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