Destiny 2: The Ultimate Weapon Crafting Guide

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To provide a clear understanding of Destiny 2's Weapon Crafting & Unlock Patterns system, the following list offers a concise breakdown of this guide's key elements:

  • What is weapon Crafting in Destiny 2?

  • Best Craftable Weapons in Destiny 2?

  • How to Unlock Weapon Crafting in Destiny 2?

  • How to Craft Weapons in Destiny 2?

  • Crafted (shaped) weapon leveling

  • Conclusion

What is Weapon Crafting in Destiny 2?

Destiny 2's Witch Queen expansion, released with Season 21, introduced a long-awaited feature: Weapon Crafting, through the new deepsight ability that our Guardians gained. This exciting ability lets players unlock patterns for powerful weapons by completing specific activities in the game. Deepsight significantly changed the way players acquire and upgrade their arsenals, and our guide will explain everything you need to know about this topic!

The Weapon Crafting system allows players to create the most powerful weapons in the game using their desired perks & traits, as well as the masterwork they wish to apply for that weapon, giving full control to the player.

Best Craftable Weapons in Destiny 2

The crafting system opened up an addition to the game that changed how players chase loot in D2. Even if not every new-added weapon in-game can be crafted, there are still at least 130 options to consider. Players can create their own god-roll versions for different weapons, as not all weapons are worth crafting, and because the Enhancing procedure costs quite a lot, it's essential to craft only the ones that fit your playstyle. Notably, these 130 weapons come from diverse sources such as Seasonal activities, Raids, Dungeons, World Loot Pool, Exotic quests & missions, Engram Focusing, Dares of Eternity & Xur, or by completing different campaign missions.

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Here's a complete list of the best S-Tier & Non-S Tier Craftable Weapons in Destiny 2:

  1. Apex Predator - Overall Best Legendary Rocket Launcher (Solar, PvE, S Tier)

    • Deepsight Pattern Source: Last Wish raid and Hawthorne

    • God Roll Perks: Reconstruction & Bait and Switch
      Source: In-game screenshot

  2. The Other Half - An Essential Mobility Sword (Void, PvE)

    • Deepsight Pattern Source: Dares of Eternity chests or Xur's treasure hoard chests

    • God Roll Perks: Eager Edge combined with any other perk
      Source: In-game screenshot

  3. Forbearance - Overall Best Frame Wave Grenade Launcher (Arc, PvE, S Tier)

    • Deepsight Pattern Source: Vow of the Disciple raid

    • God Roll Perks: Ambitious Assasin & Chain Reaction
      Source: In-game screenshot

  4. Osteo Striga - Efficient Enemy Control Craftable Primary Exotic (Kinetic, PvE+PvP, S Tier)

    • Deepsight Pattern Source: The Witch Queen Campaign Completion

    • God Roll Perks: Explosive Payload
      Source: In-game screenshot

  5. Cataclysmic - In-Game Best Linear Fusion Rifle (Solar, PvE, S Tier)

    • Deepsight Pattern Source: Vow of the Disciple raid

    • God Roll Perks: Bait and Switch & Fourth Time's The Charm
      Source: In-game screenshot

  6. Submission - Top Tier PvE Meta Choice (Kinetic, PvE)

    • Deepsight Pattern Source: Vow of the Disciple raid

    • God Roll Perks: Subsistence & Frenzy
      Source: In-game screenshot

  7. Taipan-4FR - A Major Threat For The Top Tier In-Game Fusion Rifle (Void, PvE)

    • Deepsight Pattern Source: World Loot Pool or Foundry Shaping Quest completion with the condition of finishing The Witch Queen campaign

    • God Roll Perks: Triple Tap & Firing Line | Clown Cartridge & Frenzy
      Source: In-game screenshot

  8. Succession - Solid Option for High-Valuable Bosses (Kinetic, PvE+PvP, S Tier)

    • Deepsight Pattern Source: Deep Stone Crypt raid

    • God Roll Perks: Reconstruction & Vorpal Weapon
      Source: In-game screenshot

  9. Heritage - The Best Non-Exotic In-Game Shotgun (Kinetic, PvE+PvP, S Tier)

    • Deepsight Pattern Source: Deep Stone Crypt raid

    • God Roll Perks: Reconstruction & Recombination
      Source: In-game screenshot

  10. Rufus's Fury - Best Quicksilver Storm Alternative (Strand, PvE+PvP, S Tier)

    • Deepsight Pattern Source: Root of Nightmares raid

    • God Roll Perks: Demolitionist & Hatchling/Frenzy
      Source: In-game screenshot

  11. Hollow Denial - Effective Trace Rifle for Dual Specialty (Void, PvE)

    • Deepsight Pattern Source: Weekly Exotic Mission Rotation - Presage

    • God Roll Perks: Repulsor Brace & Lead from Gold
      Source: In-game screenshot

  12. The Eremite - Best Boss Encounters Fusion Rifle (Solar, PvE, S Tier)

    • Deepsight Pattern Source: Season of the Witch vendor rewards and activities

    • God Roll Perks: Envious Assasin & Controlled Burst
      Source: In-game screenshot

  13. Commemoration - Second Best PvE Gun, contended by Song of Ir Yut (Void, PvE+PvP, S Tier)

    • Deepsight Pattern Source: Deep Stone Crypt raid

    • God Roll Perks: Killing Tally & Reconstruction
      Source: In-game screenshot

  14. Ikelos SMG - Second Best PvE SMG, contended by Subjunctive (Arc, PvE+PvP, S Tier)

    • Deepsight Pattern Source: Weekly Exotic Mission Rotation - Seraph's Shield

    • God Roll Perks: Voltshot & Feeding Frenzy
      Source: In-game screenshot

  15. Tarnished Mettle - Meta Scout Rifle (Arc, PvE, S Tier)

    • Deepsight Pattern Source: Xur or Banshee-44 Gunsmith

    • God Roll Perks: Voltshot & Demolitionist
      Source: In-game screenshot

  16. Calus Mini-Tool - Best In-Game Solar SMG (Solar, PvE, S Tier)

    • Deepsight Pattern Source: Weekly Exotic Mission Rotation - Presage

    • God Roll Perks: Incandescent & Thread Detector
      Source: In-game screenshot

  17. Trustee - Powerful Origin Trait Scout (Solar, PvE)

    • Deepsight Pattern Source: Deep Stone Crypt raid

    • God Roll Perks: Reconstruction & Incandescent
      Source: In-game screenshot

  18. Subjunctive - Most Powerful Ikelos's SMG Rival (Arc, PvE)

    • Deepsight Pattern Source: Exotic mission during Season of the Wish - Starcrossed

    • God Roll Perks: Threat Detector & Swashbuckler
      Source: In-game screenshot

  19. Doomed Petitioner - Cataclysmic's Top Challenger (Void, PvE)

    • Deepsight Pattern Source: Season of the Wish activities and engrams

    • God Roll Perks: Envious Assasin & Precision Instrument
      Source: In-game screenshot

  20. The Supremacy - Top Sustained Damage Sniper Rifle (Kinetic, PvE, S Tier)

    • Deepsight Pattern Source: Last Wish raid & Wall of Wishes puzzle

    • God Roll Perks: Rewind Rounds & Fourth Time's The Charm
      Source: In-game screenshot

  21. Deliverance - Madly High Impact & Range Fusion Rifle (Stasis, PvE, S Tier)

    • Deepsight Pattern Source: Vow of the Disciple raid

    • God Roll Perks: Adrenaline Junkie & Sleight of Hand
      Source: In-game screenshot

  22. Imperial Decree - Versatile Powerful Shotgun (Kinetic, PvP, S tier)

    • Deepsight Pattern Source: H.E.L.M. War Table Recovered Leviathan Weapons

    • God Roll Perks: Slideshot & Opening Shot
      Source: In-game screenshot

  23. Scatter Signal - High Frame Shot Fusion Rifle (Strand, PvE+PvP, S Tier)

    • Deepsight Pattern Source: Riven's Lair & The Coil activities

    • God Roll Perks: Overflow & Controlled Burst
      Source: In-game screenshot

  24. Techeun Force - Adaptive Frame Fusion Rifle (Arc, PvE+PvP, S Tier)

    • Deepsight Pattern Source: Last Wish raid

    • God Roll Perks: Rewind Rounds & Controlled Burst
      Source: In-game screenshot

  25. BxR-55 Battler - Homage Pulse Rifle (Solar, PvE+PvP, S Tier)

    • Deepsight Pattern Source: Dares of Eternity activity

    • God Roll Perks: Fourth Time's The Charm & Bait and Switch
      Source: In-game screenshot

  26. Under Your Skin - Crucible Combat Bow (Void, PvE, S Tier)

    • Deepsight Pattern Source: Weekly Exotic Mission Rotation - Vox Obscura

    • God Roll Perks: Archer's Tempo & Explosive Head
      Source: In-game screenshot

  27. Beloved - Derelict Leviathan Sniper Rifle (Solar, PvP, S Tier)

    • Deepsight Pattern Source: Weekly Exotic Mission Rotation - Presage

    • God Roll Perks: Snapshot Sights & Quickdraw
      Source: In-game screenshot

  28. Drang (Baroque) - Top Tier Versatile Sidearm (Solar, PvE+PvP, S Tier)

    • Deepsight Pattern Source: Weekly Exotic Mission Rotation - Presage

    • God Roll Perks: Disruption Break & Rampage
      Source: In-game screenshot

  29. Brigand's Law - Powerful PvE Sidearm (Arc, PvE, S Tier)

    • Deepsight Pattern Source: Xur

    • God Roll Perks: Swashbuckler & Pugilist
      Source: In-game screenshot

  30. Doom of Chelchis - A Whole Scout Rifle (Void, PvE, S Tier)

    • Deepsight Pattern Source: King's Fall raid

    • God Roll Perks: Explosive Payload & One for All
      Source: In-game screenshot

  31. Judgment of Kelgorath - Mob Clearing Aggressive Glaive (Solar, PvE, S Tier)

    • Deepsight Pattern Source: Weekly Exotic Mission Rotation - Seraph's Shield

    • God Roll Perks: Overflow & Close to Melee
      Source: In-game screenshot

  32. Iterative Loop - Neomuna Rapid-Fire Fusion Rifle (Arc, PvE+PvP, S Tier)

    • Deepsight Pattern Source: Nimbus Weekly Bounty - Bluejay quest

    • God Roll Perks: Compulsive Reloader & Voltshot
      Source: In-game screenshot

  33. Prodigal Return - Remote Detonation Grenade Launcher (Arc, PvE, S Tier)

    • Deepsight Pattern Source: Riven's Lair & The Coil activities

    • God Roll Perks: Envious Assasin & Voltshot
      Source: In-game screenshot

  34. Acasia's Dejection - Solar Subclass Trace Rifle (Solar, PvE, S Tier)

    • Deepsight Pattern Source: Root of Nightmares raid

    • God Roll Perks: Envious Assasin & Voltshot
      Source: In-game screenshot

  35. Targeted Reduction - Player vs Player Destabilization Hand Cannon (Void, PvP, S Tier)

    • Deepsight Pattern Source: Riven's Lair & The Coil activities

    • God Roll Perks: Outlaw & Explosive Payload
      Source: In-game screenshot

  36. Oversoul Edict - Rapid-Fire Frame Pulse Rifle (Arc, PvE+PvP, S tier)

    • Deepsight Pattern Source: Crota's End raid

    • God Roll Perks: Keep Away & Headseeker
      Source: In-game screenshot

  37. Briar's Contempt - Top Aggressive Frame Linear Fusion Rifle (Solar, PvE, S Tier)

    • Deepsight Pattern Source: Root of Nightmares raid

    • God Roll Perks: Reconstruction & Focused Furry
      Source: In-game screenshot

  38. Death's Razor - Crystal Clear Solar Sword (Solar, PvE, S Tier)

    • Deepsight Pattern Source: H.E.L.M. War Table Recovered Leviathan Weapons

    • God Roll Perks: Relentless Strikes & Tireless Blade
      Source: In-game screenshot

Note: Remember, personal preference and playstyle significantly impact what you consider to be the best weapons. Experiment with different options and find what suits your enjoyment and effectiveness in the activity you're tackling.

H2: How to Unlock Weapon Crafting in Destiny 2?

Initiating your weapon crafting in Destiny 2 is pretty simple. Here's our quick breakdown of the process:

  • Unlocking Deepsight: Start your journey on the Witch Queen campaign by playing the first two missions. This unlocks "Deepsight," a unique ability that opens the door to crafting powerful weapons. To fully unlock this crafting system, continue playing through the campaign missions "The Arrival" and "The Investigation."

  • Completing The Relic Quest: After completing the Witch Queen Campaign missions, head to "The Enclave." There, you'll find Ikora. She will initiate you to visit the Relic by completing two quests: "Reshaping the Enigma" and "Shaping: Extraction." These short quests help you learn the basics of weapon crafting and are essential to unlocking its full potential.

  • Acquiring Deepsight Weapons & Unlocking Patterns: Using your newly acquired Deepsight ability on specific weapons to unlock their patterns makes crafting possible. These particular weapons drop from many sources; they are called "red-bordered" weapons. They are the key to crafting your personalized versions of god-rolls (The Enigma Glaive will be your first one).

  • Accessing the Enclave: Once patterns are unlocked, "The Enclave" zone on Mars becomes accessible, serving as your crafting hub. This will be the only place you will interact with a vendor called "The Relic". Once you visit The Enclave and start interacting with The Relic, you will have two options: "shape," which is a synonym for crafting, and "reshape," which is a synonym for recrafting.

  • Crafting Your First Weapon: Utilize the Relic on the Enclave and "Shape" (Create a New Weapon) your custom weapon.

  • Recrafting Your Weapon: Once you have crafted your weapon and chosen your desired perks, level it up and go back to The Enclave. Utilize the Relic and "Reshape" (Modify an Existing Weapon) to change their perks.

H3: Reshaping the Enigma Quest

The Enigma glaive is known to be the first pattern you unlock for crafting, so you can proceed further with creating your desired roll. This one is obtained through the course of completing the Witch Queen campaign missions. A notable piece of information is that The Enigma glaive cannot be obtained randomly only by completing this quest. This weapon serves as one of the top 5 Glaives in the game, so make sure you give it a chance. This quest also helps you quickly get the Ragnhild-D Legendary Shotgun Pattern.

Source: In-game screenshot

Shaping: Extraction Quest

Syncopation-53 is a Legendary Pulse Rifle, which can be dropped during activities like Gambit, Crucible, and Open World activities or even bought from Banshee-44, the gunsmith at the Tower. Still, the recommended way to acquire this weapon is to complete the Shaping: Extraction quest, as it will be unlocked right after you craft your Enigma Glaive; which is all about teaching you the extraction of Deepsight Resonance weapons. To complete this quest, you must tune up the Deepsight Resonant weapon through leveling and then extract the red border. Once you've done this, prove it in the Enclave at the Relic, and you can unlock its Pattern.

Source: In-game screenshot

Note: These missions are free to all players, and they don't require you to own The Witch Queen expansion to complete them and access the Relic found at the Enclave.

How to craft weapons in Destiny 2?

Now that we know what weapon crafting is, how to unlock the craftable version of a weapon, and the requirements to do so, we can dive deeper into this subject.

The crafting process itself is pretty simple, as we have to follow a few strict steps to do so. Here they are:

  1. Visit The Enclave on Savathun's Throne World and approach the Relic.

  2. Select the Shape option (Create a New Weapon).

  3. Pick a weapon from the left-sided available categories.

  4. Decide on a Frame (enhanced Frames are available when a specific Weapon Level is reached).

  5. Choose a Barrel Perk (choices vary in the kind of weapon you are Shaping).

  6. Choose a Magazine Perk (choices vary on the type of weapon you are Shaping).

  7. Choose two Traits.

  8. Optional: Select a cosmetic Memento (not available on the first interaction with Crafting).

  9. Press and hold the weapon's portrait to craft it.
    Source: In-game screenshot

What is Deepsight & Deepsight Resonance in Destiny 2?

Deepsight ability's unique function allows Guardians to reveal hidden platforms and aid in puzzle resolution. Deepsight also grants access to specific resources by unlocking special chests in certain areas. Notably, it is crucial in activating weapon crafting at the Relic on planet Mars. However, this process requires acquiring a weapon pattern, presently limited to the first unlockable Pattern in the game, known as "The Enigma". Shaping it requires spending resources, such as Glimmer & Resonant Alloy.

So, once the Deepsight ability is unlocked, we are getting familiar with the Deepsight Resonance trait that can appear on any random weapon drop if the weapon supports it. The weapon thumbnail will appear with a red border; this is a Deepsight Resonance Weapon. We need to collect these weapons once we want to craft a weapon and unlock its pattern. We call them "red-bordered weapons".

Sometimes, you require 3, 2, or even 1 Deepsight Resonance Weapon, but usually, to unlock the crafting pattern (frame) for a weapon, we need 5 red-bordered versions of it.

Source: In-Game Screenshot

Where do you find the red-bordered weapons?

The following are the most notable Red-Bordered (Resonant) Weapons Sources:

  • All in-game activities: While the chance varies by season and activity, most game modes have a chance to drop red-bordered weapons.

  • Neomuna (Lightfall expansion): Activities and chests in this new location have a chance to reward red-bordered weapons.

  • Focusing Engrams: Focusing Engrams at the H.E.L.M. or seasonal vendors can increase the chance of getting red-bordered versions of specific seasonal weapons.

  • Legacy Vendor Focusing: Legacy vendors like Banshee-44 may offer the opportunity to focus on specific legacy weapons, which can include red-bordered versions.

  • Raid and Dungeon Encounters: Each week, clearing specific encounters in Raids and Dungeons offers a chance to be rewarded with red-bordered raid/dungeon weapons.

  • World Drops: Activities that drop legendary weapons can also drop red-bordered versions.

  • Xur (infrequent): Xur, the exotic weapon vendor, may occasionally sell a red-bordered weapon.

Note: Red-bordered weapons come from the same source as the regular versions of those specific weapons.

How to unlock Patterns in Destiny 2?

Weapon Pattern unlocks are some of the most important objectives for guardians in Destiny 2. Acquiring the Pattern allows the player to craft their desired particular weapon roll.

First of all, to craft weapons, their Patterns (weapon blueprint) must be unlocked. To track the progress of a desired pattern unlock, we must head into the game over to the "Triumphs" area under "Patterns & Catalysts".

Weapon Patterns unlocked status is gained from extracting red-border Resonant weapons. As we mentioned earlier, a few Patterns can also be unlocked by completing some unrepeatable specific quests.

How do you get Pattern progress?

Eager to know, dismantling legendary weapons with Deepsight will provide Pattern progress, as well as claiming the Pattern by extracting it from the actual weapon but with some resource cost (in order to keep the weapon as opposed to dismantling it). Once a Pattern is acquired, players will be notified via their loot stream that progress has been made on that Pattern.

Note: Unlock weapon Patterns, then craft the weapons with whatever rolls are currently available. Level up your weapon until it reaches the necessary level with your desired god roll (with enhanced traits).

Source: In-game Screenshot

Shape & Reshape in Destiny 2

In Destiny 2, shaping a weapon means you will start creating a New Weapon while reshaping a weapon means modifying an existing one created through the shaping process.

Crafting lets you build and expand your weapon arsenal. Choosing specific perks and stats to perfectly match your playstyle creates an authentic god-roll. Recrafting allows you to optimize further, meaning that experimenting with perk combinations gives a boost to your creations. In addition, the crafting & recrafting procedures are essential for any player who wants to become a legendary Guardian.

Shaping your weapon in Destiny 2

While shaping a weapon, the available components, known as perks, can be chosen to customize your desired gun or melee weapon. More components are available as the Weapon Level increases, through reshaping.

Initially, your options are limited, with only two minor perks and two traits, but shaping and using a weapon will level it up and unlock more options.

Reshaping your weapon in Destiny 2

Reshaping allows you to customize a weapon you've already crafted by changing its perks or traits. You can choose from the perk pool available on the weapon, and if you've leveled the weapon enough, there will be more variants of perks and traits to choose from.

Unlocking enhanced traits, the most effective perks in the game will always give you a reason to reshape your own weapons.

As we already mentioned above on how to craft a weapon, we'll briefly explain how we deal with the recrafting, as well. The steps to Reshape a weapon in Destiny 2 are:

  1. Go the Relic in The Enclave.

  2. Craft a weapon using its Pattern (shape it).

  3. Reshape it (to replace its perks or traits).

Note: It is important to highlight that weapons can only be Shaped & Reshaped at the Relic in The Enclave, accessible from the Savathun's Throne World destination in the Director Tab.

Source: In-game screenshot

Resonant materials - How to farm efficiently

Resonant materials in Destiny 2 are resources used by the weapon crafting system. They are obtained from Deepsight (resonant) weapons, which are legendary weapons with a distinctive red border around their icon. Obtaining these is easy; you must dismantle the red-bordered weapon. There's also an exception for the raid-exclusive crafted raid weapons as you can only get those materials by farming raids. Here's a breakdown of their role:

  • Ascendant Alloys: You need these precious alloys to install traits to weapons. You can find them by doing the Weekly Campaign Missions and Offensives. Alternatively, these can be purchased from the Cryptarch or Banshee-44 in the Tower, and also from the Wellspring activity on Master difficulty.

  • Resonant Alloys: These alloys are used for inserting an Intrinsic Frame, and you can get them by completing activities and dismantling weapons. They are considered a primary material for inserting (adaptive, aggressive, precision, etc.) perks. They also allow progress to be made for Masterwork-like status bonuses.

  • Harmonic Alloys: You must obtain these Alloys to Shape Traits that are raid-exclusive on crafted raid weapons. You can only get them by dismantling Vow of the Disciple raid weapons.

  • Mementos: Optional for Shaping, they grant you vanity options to add to your weapons and customize them to your liking.

Resonant materials are crucial for the weapon crafting system, allowing players to customize their weapons and experiment with different rolls.

Source: In-game Screenshot

Note: In Lightfall expansion, Resonant elements have been removed. Crafting component costs have been replaced with standard currencies such as Glimmer and Enhancement Cores.

How do you get Mementos, and what do they do?

Destiny 2 offers players many different ways to express themselves. One of the most appreciated ways is through Mementos. These materials are optional for shaping as they allow you to customize your weapon's aspect (skin). There are currently three Mementos available in Destiny 2:

  • Nightfall Memento (Guaranteed reward for completing any Grandmaster Nightfall Strike. Drops have a cap of 1 drop per week)

  • The Gambit Memento (Random reward that can drop after a match of Gambit)

  • Trials Memento (Always drops after completing the challenge of going flawless during Trials of Osiris. Obtained from the chest at the Lighthouse with a cap of 1 drop per week)

The steps to get each Memento vary, but players should remember that they can only hold one of each type of Memento.

Once you have obtained the desired Memento, visit The Enclave on Savathun's Throne World (on Mars), at the Relic. By approaching it, you either reshape an existing weapon or craft a new one if needed. Accessing the crafting menu, the Memento slot is between the perks and the "Finalize Shape" option. There is no cost for this process other than consuming the selected Memento.

Mementos can be used on any weapon at levels 1, 20, and 30. These thresholds represent the Memento Ranks and Rewards. Here's a little breakdown of each type of Memento you can find in the game:

1. Nightfall Memento:

  • Level 1 Weapon - Nightfall Tracker.

  • Level 20 Weapon - "Dusk Tamer" weapon title unlocked and visible on the weapon.

  • Level 30 Weapon - Guardians can equip the Triumphant Keepsake shader. Orange and white with gold or black trim on some weapons.

2. Gambit Memento:

  • Level 1 Weapon - Gambit Tracker.

  • Level 20 Weapon - "Primeval Usurper" weapon title unlocked and visible on the weapon.

  • Level 30 Weapon - Guardians can equip the Scaly Keepsake shader. Scaly texture and is green with white and red trim.

3. Trials Memento:

  • Level 1 Weapon - Trials of Osiris Tracker.

  • Level 20 Weapon - "Pathnuker" weapon title unlocked and visible on the weapon.

  • Level 30 Weapon - Guardians can equip the Gleaming Keepsake shader. metallic gold, with some weapons also showcasing a little white trim.

Note: You can only equip one Memento per weapon at a time. Mementos cannot be removed from a weapon once applied. However, you can choose a different Memento to track different stats.

Source: In-game Screenshot

Crafted (shaped) weapon leveling

In Destiny 2, leveling your weapon is pretty straightforward but requires patience. Defeat enemies with the shaped Resonant Weapons to increase their levels.

Completing activities with the weapon equipped will also increase the weapon's level. Increasing a weapon's level unlocks higher-quality frames and more perks. A level is acquired after counting approximately 145 kills with that weapon. Defeating enemies and farming a mob-dense destination are the keys to leveling up.

H3: How to level up fast

There are a few ways to get in practice while leveling up your crafting weapons. Here are our 7 recommended ways to do so:

  1. Patrols & Public Events - These activities are fast & repeatable. They require minimal time commitment and effort to be completed compared to other activities. Public participation is an advantage because it comes with assistance from other players.

  2. Dungeons & Raids - This type of activity represents a slightly better method for leveling your weapons in Destiny 2. The benefits include high enemy density and higher bonus reward potential, while the cons are based on difficulty, coordination, time management, and the requirement of a proactive Fireteam.

  3. Strikes, Crucible & Gambit - Vanguard Strikes, Crucible Arenas, and Gambit challenges in Destiny 2 are all good ways to level up your crafted weapons. Guardians will earn experience by killing encounters and at the end of the game mode.

  4. Seasonal Activities - Knowing the fact that players can earn Deepsight versions of craftable weapons during seasonal activities, Guardians can gain experience while potentially earning new Patterns. The only drawback here is the difficulty of giving the last blow to their enemies while other fireteam members use powerful weapons so that the killing count may vary.

  5. Grasp of Avarice, Loot Cave - Defeating waves of Hive that spawn is a great way to raise your weapon levels. Here's the trick. Guardians can continuously defeat the spawning Hive while outside the Loot Cave. The only requirement to ensure you participate in this type of activity is to own the 30th Anniversary Bundle in Destiny 2.

  6. Moon: Altars of Sorrow - Defeting waves of enemies on this Moon destination makes it easy for you to gain a lot of experience for your weapon leveling journey. The Altars of Sorrow have incredibly high density, and the best part is that they are easy to defeat. This is one of the best methods to use for gaining weapon experience.

  7. Shuro-Chi - This boss encounter in the Last Wish Raid stands on the hill as the current king of weapon experience farming in Destiny 2. This method eliminates the need to complete the entire Raid, as players can access it directly through the "Wishing Wall" with a specific code. Entering the Wishing Wall and imputing the correct code gives you access to defeat the waves of easily manageable enemies within the encounter. Once they stop spawning, wipe them out so the boss might respawn at the checkpoint.

Note: Players can utilize "Checkpoint Bots" to acquire the desired checkpoints, simplifying access to any encounter they want to start leveling their weapon.

What does leveling unlock (at each level)?

For quick power-ups, spend Glimmer to unlock must-have traits on your weapons. Leveling your weapon is essential to get all the benefits weapon crafting has to offer:

  • Level 16 or 17 will allow you to insert any Enhanced Perk. Enhanced perks provide an improved effect of the base perks.

  • Level 20 provides a slight stat boost to all of the weapon's stats.

  • Two epic enhanced traits and a juiced-up intrinsic perk represent the recipe for a dominant masterpiece.

Upon reaching Level 20, you can unlock a title for your gun. The titles are the following:

  • Dusk Tamer for Vanguard Mementos

  • Primeval Usuper for Gambit Mementos

  • Pathmaker for Trials of Osiris Mementos

Finally, upon reaching Level 30, you will unlock a Memento-specific shader that you can equip on your gun. You can only apply the shader to weapons that are slotted with the associated Memento.

Note: There is no "maximum level" for weapons in Destiny 2.

Enhanced perks and god rolls

In Destiny 2, weapon perks and traits are the ones that define the functionality, customization, and uniqueness of a weapon, influencing the playstyle of your Guardian whether you are a Titan, a Warlock, or a Hunter.

They are one of the most important characteristics of your character once you start studying how your build is put together. Beyond their base stats, the weapon perks and traits truly define how a weapon performs. If you want to dive deeper and discover the ideal "god rolls" for your weapons in specific activities, check out external resources like &

The God Roll term represents the perfect perks and traits combination available for players' specific weapons in their loadouts. Some are useful in PvE, while others shine in PvP scenarios.

Still, if you want to find some great combos for your Guardian, head back to our "Best Craftable Weapons in Destiny 2" section to inspire yourself on this topic so you can make the best decision for your desired gameplay activities.


As a word to the wise, weapon crafting is one of the most important decisions you should consider while playing Destiny 2. Since the crafting system was introduced in the Witch Queen expansion, it suffered many changes, making it easier for any player to enjoy the Weapon Crafting & Pattern Unlock procedures as it is now. We recommend engaging in this type of activity because it is enjoyable and rewarding at the same time. You have to keep yourself devoted and stick to the plan.

We'll present you a few keynote benefits in regards to red border weapons, resonant & harmonic alloy farming:

  1. You will craft the perfect weapons that suit your playstyle so you can dominate any encounter.

  2. It allows you to experiment with combinations, making you an authentic weapon smith.

  3. Your weapon arsenal will expand so much as you will have a lot of options to choose from while choosing the perfect loadout for what you intend to achieve.

  4. Create your own ideal god-roll versions of certain weapons. It's essential only to craft the best ones available.

  5. You don't need to own the Witch Queen expansion to benefit from Weapon Crafting, it is a Free-To-Play feature.

  6. Crafted Weapons will always be better than the normal ones.

This journey is just as important as the destination, as it requires attention and a dose of enjoyment from your side. Take the process of experimentation and personalization as it is, and you will feel how it will change the way you dominate any encounter. Until next time!


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Last Updated: Mar 08, 2024