Destiny 2 Gameplay Recommendations for Beginners

Destiny 2 has improved its gameplay a lot and is slightly different from the original game in the series. First, players have much more freedom, and leveling up is significantly limited. There are some important things you should be aware of when you first start your journey. While the game is still new and there isn’t much clan activity yet, you should still join it in Destiny 2. Unlike the first game, you’ll have the ability to do more than just get the random four letters in front of your name. You can earn some rewards from playing together with your friends and completing difficult tasks. There are even some tricks on how you can help other players in the game. Being a part of a team means something.

Don’t ignore the storyline

While this may surprise the opponents of the first game, Destiny 2 has a good story behind it, so you shouldn’t ignore it. In addition, this story is required to unlock all other areas. You will need to stop at certain parts of the story because you need to reach a certain level. You can use these locations to study. However, the ending of the story should be on your to-do list first. This will give you some rewards and unlock a lot of content. Even the famous streamer NG Slots Narek Gharibyan admires this storyline. Now, it’s your turn to join it.

Lost sectors

Lost Sectors are small treasure caves with some enemies and a powerful opponent (a boss). Some of them are faster than others, but none of them are difficult to the point where you can’t kill them. You are looking for an icon placed on some surface (usually a wall or a large rock). So, you need to find the entrance, use your weapons and destroy the enemies. In the end, you will be able to open the loot chest.

Unlock patrols

Unlike the original Destiny, patrols in the second part are not available to you until you complete about 60% of the story. This is because you have to make contact with Kaid-6 first. After meeting the stubborn, mechanical hunter, talk to him at the farm and get a new mission in the EDZ. Completing this mission will unlock Patrols on all planets. Patrols are crucial when it comes to earning rewards in Destiny 2, so you’ll definitely want to put them at the top of your list. Remember, however, that you cannot quickly travel with an active patrol.

Time to explore

After finishing the story and unlocking the loot, you’re ready for some exploration. The world in the game is simply stunning, so you will certainly want to explore it. You can just walk around looking at Leviathan from a distance while on Nessus. Or maybe staring into the white abyss that is Vex Milk. EDZ also has great places waiting for you. While you’re on the planet, complete a few public events. They can give cool rewards. Why not enjoy fighting random bosses? We highly recommend you do it.

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Last Updated: May 25, 2022