The Recluse has been a PvE wrecking (no pun intended) ball, but that may be coming to an end. 

The precision damage modifier on Recluse has been removed.  That's a nerf no matter how anyone looks at it.   What does this mean?  I means that instead of body shots counting as head shots you are going to have to aim for the head.   Let's face it, everyone loved just plowing away at the enemy and seeing those beautiful yellow flowing out.   Gone... kaput! 

Think about it for a second.  You could get headshot numbers by shooting the enemy in the back, the foot, if they had a shield.. etc. This is a big nerf. 

In PvE we have other ways to deal with shields.  In PvP we're all used to aiming for the head anyway.  So, it's a nerf. It's a big nerf, but the weapon is still very viable and I doubt we'll see too many people dropping it from their loadout. 

Here are Datto's thoughts on the nerf.  Love him or hate him; he has some good points. 

What do you think about the nerf?  Good, bad or indifferent?


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Last Updated: Nov 18, 2019

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