The ability to gain the Undying title in Destiny 2 goes away at reset on December 10th.    If you have gone through all of the steps to gain the title then congratulations!   It was a tough title to earn.   Anyone who did the work should be very proud of their accomplishment.  

The Undying title like the MMXIX title before it is something that has a time limit for completion.  Once the game resets this coming Tuesday that's it... done.  You can't complete any of the sections of the quest and you can never again add that title to your inventory.  

A guide to obtaining the Undying seal (title) is up at  

One thing that nearly every guide forgets is that you need to claim the Undying seal to actually have the title.   Some players who did all the work to obtain the MMXIX title never claimed the seal before the end date and never received the title.  Ouch! 

Don't let this happen to you.    Go claim your Undying seal right now if you have it.   If you want until after the reset on Tuesday it will be gone and with it your chance at showing off that awesome title. 

Tuesday we start the Season of Dawn.   I'm excited to see what is in store for us.   I'll probably even main my Titan as I'm pumped about the lore behind and the return of Saint-14.   A lawful good character (The consummate paladin of Destiny 2) is getting the spotlight.  What's not to be excited about!

Good luck to everyone completing their Undying title in the next couple of days!  



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Last Updated: Dec 08, 2019

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