Destiny 2 Season of Dawn Pre-Start Warnings and Patch Notes

Bungie has posted a thread of known issues coming into Season of Dawn. 

Before Destiny 2: Season of Dawn launches on December 10 when servers come back online, we want players to be aware of certain issues and information before logging in the first time.

The patch is scheduled to go live at noon Eastern.   When that happens be prepared for the following:

You may receive a CHICKEN error after downloading and installing.  To fix this simply relaunch the game. 

"Players must have linked an Obelisk to the Sundial to receive rewards at the end of the activity."  I'm not 100% sure what this means, but hopefully, it becomes clear once we see what new content the patch brings.   Short story, don't jump into the Sundial activity without doing an Obelisk activity, we think, maybe.  

Season of the Undying currency at the Postmaster needs to be deleted manually.

The new title will be "Savior".   The seal requirement states that you need 28 triumphs to complete it, but you actually only need 15.  

Obelisks are not sanctuaries.   Enemies can kill you while you interact with them. 

If you return to orbit too quickly after completing a Sundial activity the progress may not count towards the "A Matter of Time" quest step.   So... don't hurry.  Enjoy the ride. 

Barrier Champion shields will not disappear if the player is using Divinity.  

The following Season 9 Triumphs are currently broken. 

These Season 9 Triumphs will be fixed in a future update and requirements will be lowered:

"Challenges" won't progress with weekly challenge completion

"Rituals" won't progress with weekly Gambit bounties or Infamy ranks

"Engagement" won't progress with banked motes 

I for one, appreciate Bungie putting this out there before the patch hits. 

Enjoy the new season everyone!  I'd love to hear your opinion once we can experience it. 

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Last Updated: Dec 10, 2019

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