As most of you know, I've been in the gaming industry for years (25 of them to be exact).  I've worked on great games and I've written about great games.    Once in a great while something happens in this industry that reminds me of why I'm here.   Yesterday was Destiny's turn to give me the gentle reminder that the gaming industry is one of the greatest places that anyone could work.  

I'm a New Light Destiny player.   I don't have many exotics and the ones I have are not all that great. I don't have great gear in general.  I'm still figuring out what mods work best and what loadouts are the most efficient.  It's an absolute blast!  

I try to read as much of what Paul Tassi at Forbes writes as I can.  He's eloquent yet concise and understands that the true heartbeat of any game is the people who play it.  

His article this morning, ‘Destiny 2’ Players Wanted A Secret From A 999 Shattered Throne Clear, They Found A Hero is brilliant.  It touches perfectly on what gaming used to be for me and what it is for many of you today. 

I won't spoil the story, because that is the good stuff. Just know that it's a story of a Hero and two other Heros who helped him do something extraordinary. 

Paul used the perfect word, "wholesome" to describe this event.  Well done Destiny 2 community and well done heroes.  

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Last Updated: Nov 06, 2019

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